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Place the 8 Old Testament Steps IN ORDER.

1. Beginning

2. Hebrew Fathers

3. Exodus

4. Promised Land

5. Judges

6. Kingdom

7. Exile

8. Restoration

Who are the 2 prophets of the Exile?

Daniel & Ezekiel

What was the length of the Exile?

70 years

Which prophet was captured in the 1st Invasion (605)?


Which prophet was captured in the 2nd Invasion (597)?


Which prophet was captured in the 3rd Invasion (586)?


What was the first key event of the Exile?

The Ministry of Ezekiel to the Captives and Daniel to the Crown

What did the three Returns to Jerusalem from Babylon Begin with?

Decrees of Cyrus to Rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem

Who was the Northern Kingdom of Israel taken captive by?


Who was the Southern Kingdom of Judah taken captive by?


Subtitle of Ezekiel:

The Prophet of the Glory of God

Ezekiel was a prophet with a two-fold Message.

Before the fall of Jerusalem, Ezekiel ______ Judah of the coming Judgment.


Ezekiel was a prophet with a two-fold Message.

After the fall of Jerusalem, Ezekiel _________ the Captives concerning their future Restoration.


________ was the prophet to the people of the Exile as _________ was the prophet before the Exile.



Ezekiel’s message was to _______ the Captives of why they were in Babylon and then to _______ the ultimate judgment of the Gentile Nations and restoration of the Jewish Nation.



Theme of Ezekiel:

The Departation and Restoration of Israel’s Glory

Ezekiel was a _______, as were the prophets Jeremiah and Zechariah.


Ezekiel was carried to Babylon during the ____ Babylonian Invasion in ____BC, when he was ___ years old, along with King Jehoiachin.




Ezekiel was ___ at the time of the first invasion in ____ BC.



Ezekiel probably heard Jeremiah’s preaching before his capture and was greatly influenced by him. He has been called:

the prolongation of the voice of Jeremiah

Ezekiel received his call at age ___, which was __ years after his capture.



Ezekiel ministered among the captives, by the River Chebar, a canal off the Euphrates River near Babylon. He was the:

Prophet to the common man

Ezekiel has been called the "Father of ________", since it was primarily his ministry that brought the Jews back to God and away from idolatry during the Captivity.


Ezekiel is one of the ______ Biblical books which describe the Fall of ______.



Know what chapters of Ezekiel contain:

Satan’s Fall:

The vision of Dry Bones:

The Russian/Iranian Invasion of Israel:

Satan’s Fall (28)

The vision of Dry Bones (37)

The Russian/Iranian Invasion of Israel (38-39)

The Identity of these Invaders

1) Gog

2) Magog

3) The “Chief Prince”

4) Meshech

5) Tubal

1) Gog - End Time Ruler

2) Magog - Russia

3) The “Chief Prince” “Prince of Rosh” if understood as a proper name. b) Many scholars believe this to be the root of the modern name, “Russia”,

4) Meshech - Moscow

5) Tubal - Tobolsk

The allies of the Invasion.

1) Persia:

2) Ethiopia:

3) Lydia:

4) Gomer:

5) Togarmah:

Persia: Modern Iran

Ethiopia: Modern Ethiopia

Lydia: west of Egypt

Gomer: Unified Germany

Togarmah: Kazakstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and perhaps also Syria

The Opponents of the Invasion:

1) Israel this prophecy could not have been fulfilled until the nation of Israel came into existence in 1948.

2) Sheba and DedanSaudi Arabia (and perhaps Oman, Yeman, or the United Arab Emirates).

3) Tarshish representing one of two nations, England or Spain. This would bring about the involvement of the United European Union of the Antichrist!

4) The Young Lions of TarshishIf the first view of Tarshish (as being England) is correct, then the young lions or cubs (colonies) of this nation include the United States.

5) Daniel 11 indicates that the Unified Europe (the 10 nation revised Roman Empire of the Antichrist) is also involved.

Satan’s church officially began at the tower of Babel in Genesis __:__-__.


The first full-time minister of Satan was ________, Noah’s wicked and apostate great-grandson and head of the Babel project.


Nimrod's wife:


Semerimus instituted a religious system in which she made herself and her son the objects of divine worship. Thus began the mother-child fertility cult that later spread over the world when the people were scattered from Babel.

Venus and Cupid – Rome, Venus and Jupiter in old Rome and with the Sumarians.

Baal and Ashtaroth – Phonecians

Diana – Ephesus

Many, many others could be included, perhaps the most important of which is Allah, who was originally worshipped as the Moon god in a false pantheon of Arabian gods.

Daniel subtitle:

“The Old Testament Book of Revelation”

Daniel is the story of a young teenage captive who became ________ and Prime __________.



Theme of Daniel:

The Revelation of Israel’s Prophetic Future

Key Chapter of Daniel:

Daniel 9 – Daniel’s 70 weeks Prophecy

Meaning of the name Daniel:

“God is my Judge"

As a teenager, Daniel was one of those of royal blood taken captive by __________________ during the 1st Babylonian siege of Jerusalem in ____ BC.



Daniel served without compromise under the administrations of several kings, including:


Belshazzar &


The book of Daniel spans the entire Babylonian Exile ( ____ - ____BC) with Daniel having been captured in the ______ of three invasions of Israel by Babylon in ____ BC.




Daniel is the ______ prophetic book of the Old Testament and is (along with ____________) the Old Testament parallel to the New Testament book of _____________.




Daniel chapter ___ has over ____ specific historical prophecies which have already been literally fulfilled.



While the bulk of the Old Testament is written in the ________ language, Daniel __:__ – __:____ is written in the _________ language


2:4 – 7:28


Daniel was carried captive in Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar’s ____ invasion of Judah in ____ BC with Jerusalem and the Temple destroyed in the ____ invasion in ____ BC and that the Captivity lasted ___ years.






“But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself”

Daniel 1:8

Nebuchadnezzar’s Image:

The Stone is:

Head of Gold is:

Breast & arms of Silver is:

Belly & Thighs of Brass is:

Legs & Feet of Iron & Clay is:

The Stone (Jesus)

Head of Gold (Babylon)

Breast & arms – Silver (Persia)

Belly & Thighs – Brass (Greece)

Legs & Feet - Iron & Clay (Rome)

Beasts of Daniel:

A. The Lion with Eagle’s Wings:

B. The Bear raised on one side with 3 ribs in its mouth:

C. The swift Leopard with 4 wings and 4 heads:

D. The Terrible Beast, dreadful and strong with great iron teeth and 10 horns:

Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar [Golden head]

Persia and Cyrus [Silver breast and arms]

Greece and Alexander the Great [Brass belly and thighs]

Rome [the Iron & Clay legs, feet & toes]

Also know who is pictured by the Smiting Stone of Daniel 2 (________).Know who is pictured by the 2 horned ram (_______ ___ ______)And the 1 horned goat of Daniel 8 (__________ ____ _______ ___ _______)


Darius of Persia

Alexander the Great of Greece

Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy is found in Daniel chapter:


While Ezekiel was the prophet to the Common Jewish man among the captives, Daniel was the prophet to the _______ ______ reigning above the captive.

Gentile Crown

Daniel is written to the Jewish ________ and __________ as well as to the ________ of the ________ ________.

Captives and Returnees

Gentiles of the Persian Empire

The book of Daniel spans the entire Babylonian Exile (____-____ BC) with Daniel having been captured in the _____ of _____ invasions of Israel by Babylon in ____ BC.


first of three


Daniel ministers throughout the _____________ Empire and then even [past its fall to the _____________ Empire at the end the ___ years. ]




Daniel is one of the ____________ books of the Bible. The others are ________, ___________, and ____________, Apocalyptic books are those which contain visions of prophetic symbolism


Ezekiel, Zechariah and Revelation

Daniel was carried captive in Babylonian King ___________'__ ___ invasion of Judah in ____ BC with Jerusalem and the Temple destroyed in the ____ invasion in ____ BC and that the Captivity lasted ____ years.

Nebuchadnezzar’s 1st





“But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself”

Daniel 1:8

Who is pictured by the Smiting Stone of Daniel 2?

Who is pictured by the 2 horned ram?

Who is the 1 horned goat of Daniel 8?


Darius of Persia

Alexander the Great of Greece

What a “week” means in Daniel:

7 years

What occurred after the 69th week?

Messiah cut off and Jerusalem & Temple destroyed

1) Israel came into existence as a nation in _____.

2) Europe began an economic union in _____ and achieved political union on ________ __, ______.

3) Peace negotiations with Israel and her Arab neighbors (with European reps involved) began after the Gulf War and saw as initial treaty signed in _________ of _____.



January 1, 1993

September of 1993

The Captivity was ___ years to allow the land to rest for the ____ years that Israel had failed to keep the __ _ year Sabbaths.




Daniel chapter ___ has over ____ fulfilled prophecies



The 6 books of the Restoration (Step ____) are:

Step Eight

Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi

Return #1 – Led by _________ - The _______ Rebuilt.

Return #2 – Led by ______ - The ________ Revived

Return #3 – Led by _________ - The _____ Rebuilt

Zerubbabel - The Temple Rebuilt

Ezra - The People Revived

Nehemiah - The Walls Rebuilt

_________ – First Two Returns from Captivity and Rebuilding the Temple

_________ – Third Return from Captivity and Rebuilding the Wall

_______ – Salvation of the Jews in Captivity

______ & _________ – This Dynamic Duo Stirred the People to Continue Rebuilding the Temple

_______ – Reviving the People




Haggai & Zecharia


Ezra subtitles:

“Israel’s Second Exodus”, “The Hostages Set Free”

Ezra is a continuation of the history of __ & __ ____________

1 & 2 Chronicles

Theme of Ezra:

The restoration of Israel’s Temple and people

Ezra led the _______ return from captivity


Ezra led in a great revival of the people, so great in fact, that he is credited with having actually done what?

Saved both Jewish nation and the Jewish religion from extinction

Ezra organized the __________ form of worship to teach the people the Law.


Ezra authored I & II __________, ______, Psalm ___, and __________. He also arranged the book of ________

I & II Chronicles, Ezra, Psalm 119, and Nehemiah


________ collected, selected and organized the books of the Old Testament. Thus, the canon was actually selected by an inspired author of Scripture.

He also founded the order of scribes who meticulously hand copied the Old Testament manuscripts with a precision unbelievable to us today.



Ezra was written to the first __ waves of Returnees from the ___ year Babylonian Captivity to encourage them to _____ worship and covenantal _________because of God’s mercy.





During the _____ year of ______' reign, he issued the decree which permitted the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their Temple.



Isaiah had actually called ________ by name some _____ years earlier and said that he would issue the decree to return and rebuild the Temple!



5 Kings of the Persian Empire that influenced Israel during their Restoration:

Cyrus the Great - 539-530 BC

Darius the Great - 522-520 BC

Xerxes (Ahasuerus) - 486-465 BC


The Hebrew Bible combines the books of Ezra and Nehemiah as one book. It is important to remember that Ezra includes the _____ and the _______ return from captivity. Nehemiah includes the _____ return. These two books provide the historical background and structure of the Return Stage just as Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles do for Psalms through Zephaniah.

first and the second



Key People other than Ezra, the 2 most important people in the book are: a. ___________ : The political leader of the first return and grandson of King Jehoiachin. b. _______: The spiritual leader of the first return. As grandson of Israel’s last High Priest before the captivity, he became Israel’s first High Priest after the Return.


Joshua (or Jeshua)

Subtitle of Haggai:

“God’s House Comes First"

Haggai is a call to proper priorities. It is a call to put God's House First. It is a call to the people to get back in the service of God.

It is a call to rebuild. Haggai calls the returned remnant back to the task of rebuilding the Temple.

Theme of Haggai:

The Construction of Israel’s Second Temple

After the ___ year Babylonian Captivity and the first return under ____________, opposition extinguished the initial enthusiasm over rebuilding of the Temple and led to a ___ year halt in construction




________ and ___________ were the Dynamic Duo of the Old Testament. As contemporaries of ____________ (the political leader) and ________ (the High Priest) and part of the first return, they were the spiritual cheerleaders for the rebuilding of the Temple. They are mentioned in Ezra 5:1 and 6:14.





Subtitle of Zechariah:

The Old Testament Book of Revelation II

Theme of Zechariah:

The Construction of Israel’s Second Temple

Zechariah was written to encourage the people to continue with the rebuilding of their Temple. He uses ___ Visions (1-6), __ Messages (7-8), and __ Burdens (9-14) to show that God remembers His Covenant and will send His Messiah. Zechariah encourages them by reminding them of the future importance and blessings of the Temple




Theme of Zechariah:

The preparation for Israel’s Second Temple

Zechariah's name means:

“Jehovah Remembers"

Zechariah was also part of the great _________ that, along with ______ and __________, established the Old Testament canon.


Ezra and Malachi

After the return from the 70 year captivity, Israel began to rebuild the Temple, but then delayed ___ years without completing the work. God then called _______ and the younger __________ to stir the people back to the work and back to God.




______ and _________ were the dynamic duo of the Old Testament, calling the people of God back to the work of the Temple of God. Haggai was the ___________ prophet and Zechariah was the __________.





Subtitle of Esther:

A Jewish Cinderella stops a Persian Hitler

Main Content of Ester:

Ester is the story of God’s providential preservation of His peope

_______ tells the story of what happened to the Jews who did not return with Zerubbabel.

It is the story of a _______ bride, a ______ monarch, a ______ queen, a ________ father figure, and a ________ prime pinister


banished, mighty, quiet, faithful, prideful

Theme of Esther:


Key Word of Esther:


The events in the book of Esther took place between the ___ and ___ of the three returns to Israel.



________ I, also known as ___________ ( ____ - ____ BC) was on the throne of the ________ Empire.





Subtitle of Nehemiah:

"The Call to the Wall"

Main content of Nehemiah:

Nehemiah records the 3rd return from Captivity and the rebuilding of the Walls of Jerusalem

Theme of Nehemiah:

The reconstruction of the Walls of Jerusalem

___________ was the cup bearer to the Persian King ___________ (stepson of Esther) and was thus his most trusted advisor. He lead his people to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls, a task completed in only ___ days. The _________ of the people required years of his leadership. He was not a priest or prophet, but rather a _______ who had his priorities in the right order.






Nehemiah lived and ministered at the same time as the older ______.


The books of _______ and _________ are so linked that, for centuries, the Jews combined them as one book, Nehemiah picked up the historical flow of Ezra.



Chronologically, __________ is the last in the line of the historical books of the Old Testament, with only one prophetic book occurring latter.


Subtitle of Malachi:

“The Final Old Testament Voice of Revival”

Main content of Malachi:

Malachi is a message of revival. The Prophet challenges a complacent population’s sin with the message that while they may be satisfied with their relationship with God, God is not!

Theme of Malachi:

The preparation of Israel for her Messiah. Israel must prepare herself spiritually through repentance and revival for the coming Messiah.

Key Word of Malachi:


Meaning of the name Malachi:

“My Messenger"

_________ is the final voice of God for the Old Testament. After his message, there was silence from Heaven for ____ years.



Babylonian king who saw the handwriting on the wall:


Persian king who conquered Babylon & signed the first return decree (predicted by name 170 years in advance):

Cyrus the Great

King of Babylon who was tricked into signing the decree that resulted in Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den:

Darius the Mede

One of Alexander’s 4 generals, took Egypt, the Southern part of the kingdom:


One of Alexander’s 4 generals, took Syria, the Eastern section:


Type of Antichrist, the historical little horn, defiled the Temple:

Antiochus IV Epiphanes

A Jewish priest of the house of Hasman who refused to worship Jupiter and who slew the king’s representative:


Led the Jewish revolt in refusing to worship Jupiter:

Judas the Maccabee

Celebrates the Jewish cleansing and rededication of the Temple and the miracle of the temple candelabra burning eight days on one day’s supply of oil:


Israel’s guardian angel who will help deliver Israel through the Tribulation:


King who allowed the Temple work to continue:

Darius the Great

King also known as Ahasuerus, who made Ester his queen:

Xerxes I

King who allowed the Second & Third Returns and issued the decree to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls, stepson of Ester:


The Spiritual leader (& High Priest) of the First Return:


Ester’s older cousin, who raised her as his own daughter:


Jew hating prime minister who plotted to exterminate the Jews:


Persian queen deposed for refusing to display herself and who was replaced by Ester:


The 3 enemies of Nehemiah’s rebuilding project:

Sanballet, Tobiah & Geshem

A memorial to commemorate the salvation of the Jews from the evil plot to exterminate them:

The feast of Purim

Capital city of Phoenician empire destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and Alexander the Great over a 250 year period exactly as prophesied by Ezekiel:


Daniel’s friends who would not bow to Nebuchadnezzar’s Image and were delivered by God in the fiery furnace:

Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego