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Fill into the habit of

To start the habit

I At the morning, I get accustomed to fill into the habit of reading by the daily newspaper

Back then

رجوعا الي ذلك الوقت في الماضي

In 19th century, there was no TV, back then, people would read to entertain their time

Edition is the version or form of a book or newspaper

نسخة أو طبعة

Morning, afternoon editions

Local or national edition

First, second, third edition

Picky = selective

Picky : من الصعب إرضاءه, من الصعب إرضاءه

He is so picky meanwhile he comes to eat as he only eat vegetables

When it comes to, I'd prefer (like)

فيما يتعلق ب

When it comes to =Referring to

When it comes to reading, I'd prefer scientific books.

I'd prefer( something) over( else)

يفضل شئ علي آخر

I'd prefer reading over watching movies.

Don't get me wrong = don't miss understand me

لاتفهمني خطأ أو لا تسئ الظن بي

Don't get me wrong , I'm not a person who like to eat a lot, only when I eat, I enjoy the food



Someone who likes something a lot


Browsing a book


To read it slowly not hurry up

To flip through a book = skim


Same as browsing, to turn over the pages slowly but don't read carefully

Auditorial pages

Auditorial : سامع, سامع

Pages where people write their opinions

Nothing beats going ------

لايوجد أفضل من

It's not better than going -----

A stack ( pile) of papers

مجموعة كبيرة من