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An addiction to the overconsumption of goods and a materalistic lifestyle.
Biodegradable Pollutants
A material that can be recycled/broken down quickly through natural processes.
Ex:A Banana Peel
The act of conserving resources to protect the ecosystem or protect habitats.
Ecological Footprint
The amount of land and water needed to support a species (specifically man), at their standard of living, and the effect using those resources has on that land.
The study of how organisms intereact with each other and their enviorment.
A community of plants and animals that live in the same enviorment.
Enviormental Degradation
The Destruction of an enviorment and its resources.
Enviormental Science
A science that studies the enviorment, enviormental problems and solutions to those problems.
Enviormental Wisdom/World View
The belife that the world was made for more species then just man, and that man should act as such.
Enviormentally Sustainablly Society
A society in which resources are used at a rate in which the earth cab repelish them.
Exponential Growth
The increased of growth of something as size or amount increases.
Ex:The more hours you work, the more money you get paid
GDP Gross Domestic Product
The value of a countries goods importes and exported.
LDC (Less Developed Country)
A country with a standard of far under the average of othe countries
MDC (More Developed Country)
A country with a standard of living above the average.
Natural Capital
The natural resources available in a resource to maintain life.
Natural Resources
Resources that are natutally formed.
Ex:Water, Trees
Nondegradable Pollutants
An object that cannot be broken down naturally.
Nonpoint Source Pollution
Pollution that is indirect such as runoff.
Point Pollution
Direct pollution into an enviorment such as dumping into a river.
Nonrenewable Resource
A resource that cannot be reused or repelished quickly.
Per Capita
Measures an individuals ecological impact or impactn
Perpetual Resource
A resource that will never run out
Planatary Managment World View
The Intentional managment of earth and its resources on a world scale
Pollution Cleanup
The reduction or removal of pollutants from an enviorment.
Pollution Prevention
Reducing the amount of pollution released..
Scarcity of resources resulting in deplorable conditinons.
The proccess of repurposing resources or manafacturng them into something.
Renewable Resource
A resource that can be naturally repelished quickly.
Stewardship Worldview
The belife that the world is only for humans
The ability of an enviorment to support life while also maintaning resources
Sustainable Yield
The yield that can be extracted. with out reducing the base of the capital itself
Tradagy of the Commons
The situation in which everyone looks out for their own interests which results in the depleation of resources.