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1 Exhalation
the releasing of air from the lungs; the air released from the lungs
1 Dormant
marked by a suspension of activity; temporarily devoid of external activity
1 Legacy
something received from an ancestor, from a predecessor, or from the past
1 Grimace
a facial expression that indicates pain, disgust, or disapproval
1 Candid
indicating or suggesting sincere honesty and absence of deception
1 Evocative
tendin or serving to call forth
1 Deft
having the ability to do something with great skill and easily
2 Profusely
excessively; beyond that which is normal
2 Demean
to degrade; to talk or act so that someone else looks bad
2 Genuflect
to touch the knee to the floor (worship)
2 Obsequious
openly servile, disgustingly sweet
2 Complacence
calm or secure satifaction with one's self or situation
2 Malaise
an indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health indicating a more serious sickness
2 Infatuated
struck senseless with exaggerated love or admiration
3 Quarry
on that is sought ot hunted; an open excavation
3 Loquacious
pointlessly or annoyingly talkative
3 Bland
3 Arbitrary
selected at random without reason
3 Brusque
blunt in manner or speech often to the point of being harsh or nasty
3 Pander
to cater to the desires of someone
3 Portentous
pompous; showing one's self off as being something special
4 Contrive
to think up; to put together (as a plan)
4 Delineate
to describe in sharp and vivid detail
4 Ambiguity
anything that is not clear or that is capable of being understood in at least two different ways
4 Wistful
full of unfulfilled longing or desire
4 Dilatory
tending or intended to cause delay; tardy
4 Saunter
to walk about in an idle or leisurely manner; to stroll
4 Polychromatic
having various or changing colors
5 Hirsute
5 Emanate
to come forth from its source
5 Paroxysm
a sudden outburst of laughter, rage, or sneezing
5 Vacilate
to waver in mind, will, or feeling
5 Egress
an exit, a way out
5 Affinity
an attraction to someone or someting
6 Obstreperously
noisily, boisterously, or uncontrollably
6 Ostensible
suspected as the reason though it can not be proven or demonstrated
6 Sconce
candles with holders that have sides that are taller than the candles
6 Tenuous
having little strength or support
6 Sublime
lofty, grand, or exalted in thought or manner or expression
6 Limpid
absolutely quiet and untroubled
6 Myriad
a great many
7 Rescind
to make void; to repeal
7 Impasse
a difficulty having no recognizable escape or solution
7 Amenity
something that gives material comfort or convenience
7 Eidetic
marked by extraodinarily accurateand vivid recall, usually due to visual images
7 Intuitive
having to do with perceiving or knowing things without conscious reasoning
7 Imminence
the quality or state of being ready to take place
7 Alleged
questionably true
8 Irrepressible
impossible to hold back or control
8 Revel
to take intense satisfaction
8 Impetuous
Marked by impulsive vehemence or passion
8 Accost
to approach and speak to in a challenging or aggressive way
8 Swathed
wrapped up or bound up in long strips of cloth or bandages
8 Gossamer
something light, delicate or tenuous
8 Grub
to dig in the ground