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What is the objective of the Egress System Checkout Certification Program?
To thoroughly familiarize personnel working in and around the cockpit with ejection seats and the special hazards associated with those system.
How often are seat checkout required?
Every 6 months or after 90 days of TAD
What is Hypoxia?
Decrease in the amount of oxygen per unit volume of air,
What should be ensured before entering the cockpit area?
Ejection seat safety pins are installed and handle is in the safe position. Canopy jettison safety pin installed.
What are the two types of Aviator's Breathing Oxygen (ABO) used in the Navy?
Type I - Gaseous Oxygen MIL-0-272710D
Type II - LOX
What is LOX?
99.5% pure oxygen that exists as a liquid at atmospheric pressure, at -182.97 degree Celsius.
What is the temperature of oxygen in its liquid form?
-297 degrees Fahrenheit
What is the LOX?
862 to 1AExpansion ratio of 862 to 1 and can generate up to 12,000 PSI if allowed to evaporate in a sealed container.
What is the safe distance when handling LOX?
50 ft
What are the minimum requirements for aircrew PPE?
- Flight Suit
- Aviator Boots
- Anti-G Garment
- Helmet
- Survival Radio/Beacon
- Gloves
- Anti-exposure suit
- ID tags
- knife
- personal survival kit
- signal device
- flashlight
- life preserver
- laser eye protection
What is the oxygen mask for?
Designed for use with a regulator and provides breathing gas upon demand at a pressure schedule dependent upon altitude.
What are oxygen regulator (CRU-103/P)?
Chest mounted, positive pressure, g-mounted regulator that provides on demand oxygen flow to the aircew.
What is the LPU-36/P Life Preserver?
A low profile floatation collar equipped with the Flu-8B/P automatic/manual inflation assembly; authorized for use only with aircraft equipped with the ejection seat system.
What is the Anti-G suit?
Consist of a bladder system encased in a fire-resistant cloth, as G-force increase the bladders automatically inflates to apply pressure on the body and restrict the downward flow of blood to aircrew feet and waist lessening the effects of black out.
What are Parachute Harness Sensing Release Unit (PHSRU)?
A sea water activated release system that provides a back up automatic mode of separating the parachute from the aircrew.
What is the Helmet Mounted Display Unit (HDU)?
Miniature display components, which allow symbology to be projected onto the visor and superimposed in the operators view. It also provide a way of recording real-world view by routing the video to the cockpit recording system (CVRS)
What is the purpose of the ejection seat?
To provide aircrew a place to sit during normal conditions and for propelling occupant out during emergency situations.
What is ejection seat used?
SJU-17A(V) 2/A series
What is the SJU-17A(V) 2/A series?
A variant of NACES, it's automatic, cartridge operated, and rocket assisted. Ejection is initiated by pulling the ejection control handle located on the front of the seat bucket.
What is the ejection seat system?
Operated by ballistic gas pressure, produced by ejection seat initiators that fire when the ejection control handle is pulled, traveling through the system.
The emergency oxygen is _______ activated during ejection by a lanyard connected to the cockpit floor.
Automatically activated
What is the canopy system?
It is a pyrotechnically operated emergency canopy removal.
What does the Canopy System provide?
The capability to explosively jettison the canopy from the aircraft in the case of emergency.
Canopy jettison is ____ when seat ejection is initiated.
A CANOPY JETT lever in the cockpit _______ initiates canopy jettison without initiating seat ejection.
How is the canopy normally opened/closed during ground maintenance?
By electrical means, using external canopy control switch or an internal canopy control switch.
What proved backup operation of the canopy when electrical power is unavailable or when electrical control fails?
Manual controls
What does the ECS provide?
- Air supply
- Thermal Control
- Cabin pressurization for the crew
- Avionics cooling
- smoke detection and fire system
Where does the Air supplied by ECS being bled from?
Compressor stage of the turbine engines, upstream of the combustor.
What are the 12 subsystems of the ECS?
- Bleed air control
- Bleed air leak detection
- Air cycle conditioning
- Cabin Cooling and Defog
- Avionics cooling
- Cabin pressurization
- Anti-G/vent suit
- Windshield anti-ice and rain removal
- RADAR liquid cooling
- Canopy Seal
- Wave guide pressurization
What is the Bleed Air System consist of?
Clamped, insulated metal ducts (tubs) of many sizes and shapes which connect system control valves and sensors.
What does the Bleed Air System supply?
Hot, high pressure engine bleed air for the ECS, OBOGS and external fuel tank pressurization.
What is the purpose of the Air Cycle Air Conditioning System?
Cools and conditions engine bleed air for use in ECS and other system.
What is the ANTI-G system made up of?
Tubing and a valve which delivers regulated air pressure to the pilot's anti-g suit.
What does the Anti-G system provide?
Reduce the fatiguing effects of exposure to positive and negative g-forces.
What is the On-board Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS) consist of?
Series of lines, valves and a concentrator that regulate pressure, control flow and distribute oxygen to the crew station.
What does the Fire Detection system monitor?
- Engine bay
for fires or overheat conditions.
What does the Fire Detection System provide to the pilot?
Audible and visual warning of the fire or overheat conditions.
What is the Fire Extinguishing System?
Uses a single fire extinguisher tank with 3 distribution lines, one for the APU and one for each of the engine/AMAD bays. The system is one shot, one bay system.
What is the Dry Bay Fire Suppression System (DBFSS)
Installed on Super Hornets, suppresses fire events associated with ballistic damage to the aircraft before a significant fire occurs.