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When was the L'Aquila earthquake caused?
It was caused on 6th April 2009
How was the earthquake caused?
It was due to the movement along a crack in a plate at a destructive plate margin.
How powerful was the E=earthquake?
The earthquake measured 6.3 on the Richter scale.
How had L'Aquila prepared for earthquakes prior to the event.
-They had laws on construction standards.
-Some modern buildings hadn't been built to withstand an earthquake.
-Civil protection department was in place with volunteers available to help should there be an earthquake.
What were the primary effects of the earthquake?
-290 people died (collapsed buildings)
-Hundreds of people injured
-Thousands of buildings destroyed
-Thousands of people made homeless
-Fossa bridge collapsed and water pipe broken near town of Paganica
What were the secondary effects of the earthquake?
-Aftershocks hampered rescue efforts and caused more damage.
-Fires in collapsed buildings
- Broken waterpipe caused a land slide near Paganica
What was the immediate response?
-Camps were set up for the homeless with water, food and medical care
-Ambulances, fire engines and the army were sent in to rescue survivors.
-Cranes and diggers were used to remove rubble
-International teams with rescue dogs were sent in to find survivors.
-Money was provided by government to pay rent, gas bills and electricity was suspended.
What was the long term response?
-Italian prime minister promised to build a new town to replace L'Aquila as the capital of the area.
-An investigation is launched into why buildings weren't earthquake proof