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The quality of a telescope depends on its

All of the above

Resolution refers to a telescope ability to

Make close objects look separate

Refraction refers to the

Bending of light as it passes from one medium to another

The speed of light is

3 x 10^8 m/s

Reflection refers to light

Bouncing off a surface

Which of the following provides evidence for the expansion of the universe


Which term describes the apparent change in frequency of a wave caused by the change in distance between the observer and the object admitting the wave

The Doppler effect

The theory that states that the universe formed during a single event in which all matter and energy suddenly expanded from an extremely small point is the

Big Bang Theory

Which term describes radiation that fills the observable universe almost uniformly and that scientists think is left over the Big Bang

Cosmic background radiation

The first two elements that form when the universe was created where

Hydrogen and helium

The time it takes light to reach us from the Sun is about

8 minutes

According to the most commonly accepted hypothesis, our sun and the celestial object that orbits it forms a

Solar nebula

Which answer best classifies the planets of our solar system based on their physical characteristics

Gas Giants and Terrestrial Planets

The azimuthal coordinate system used to plot the positions of stars is based on


The equatorial coordinate system plots the positions of stars using

Degrees in a circle

The apparent path of the Sun as it moves against the constellations is called the


Einstein's equation shows that energy

Can be transformed into matter

According to the most commonly accepted hypothesis, approximately how old is our solar system?

5 billion years

According to the most commonly accepted hypothesis, approximately how old is the universe?

13.7 billion years

According to the International Astronomical Union, why is Pluto no longer considered a planet?

It is not massive enough to clear smaller bodies from the neighborhood around its orbit

All Stars begin life as clouds of dust and gas called


What new element is formed when two hydrogen atoms fuse?


The process whereby two light nuclei are joined to create a heavier nucleus is called


Fusion hits a dead end when ________ is formed


The energy of the stars is produced by


The brightness of a star as seen from Earth is called

Apparent magnitude

Spectroscopy is used to determine

Composition of stars

Where do most stars fall on the h-r diagram?

Main sequence

What determines the life cycle of a star?

Its mass

What two outcomes are possible following a supernova?

Black hole and neutron star

The hertzsprung-russell diagram classify stars according to their

Temperature and luminosity

What is a supernova?

The explosive death of a star

What is the relationship between supernovae and star formation?

Madara ejected into space during supernovae form new stars.