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What structures are Pharoah’s best known for building?


An ankh is an Egyptian symbol for?

immortality, or eternal life

Which kingdom is known as the “Period of Reunification”?

Middle Kingdom

Which kingdom is known as “Egypt’s Golden Age”?

New Kingdom

Which kingdom is known as the “Age of Pyramids”?

Old Kingdom

What was special about Hatshepsut?

she was the first female pharaoh

Essay: Be able to describe the kinds of artifacts that you might find in one of the Pharaoh's tombs and why it was important. Level 4 -- Do this for all 4 Pharaohs we studied.

Khufu - Pyramid builder

Senusret I - Patron of the arts

Hatshepsut - Promoter of Egyptian trade and first female pharaoh

Ramses II - Military leader and master builder, enjoyed glorifying himself