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What does accompaniment mean ?

Sound heard while the dance is happening

What does action mean ?

Something a dancer does

What does artistry mean ?

Performing as a dancer with technical and interpretive skills

What does backdrop mean ?

Canvas which hangs upstage, often with painted or designed images on it

What does balance mean ?

Holding still with control and poise

What does canon mean ?

Dancers start a phrase one after the other

What does changing the order mean ?

Altering the sequence in which actions appear in a motif

What does character mean ?

A role expressed by a dancer in a narrative dance work

What does choreographic devices mean ?

The ways motifs can be repeated, developed and varied

What does climax mean ?

The high point in a dance. It stands out clearly as a statement.

What does complement mean?

To fill out a movement showing the same action simultaneously for example at different levels

What does contraction mean ?

The extension of the back and curling/ tightening of the centre of the body

What does control mean ?

The managing of the body weight smoothly, accurately and appropriately when performing an action

What does co-ordination mean ?

The ability to preform complex actions, using the arms and legs simultaneously

What does correlation mean ?

A close relationship e.g between the music and dance

What does counterpoint mean?

Interlocking sounds between music and dance, or rhythms a themes, filling in the silent moments in a bar of music

What does dance idea mean?

Theme , subject matter or topic of a dance

What does expressive mean ?

Describes movements that cominicate feelings e.g stress

What does flex mean ?

The ankle is contracted so that the foot is no longer pointed

What does floodlights mean ?

Large lights that give a wide beam

What does fondu mean ?

Smooth bend on one leg

What does highlight mean ?

Exciting, dramatic moment in a dance

What does juxtaposition mean ?

Using two dance ideas at different places in a dance, or preformed by different characters.

What does motif mean ?

Short sequence of movements that makes a statement. Often repeated

What does narrative mean ?

Style of dance composition that tells a story

What does pathway mean ?

Journey between two points on the floor or in the air

What does posture mean ?

Way a dancer holds his/her body and limbs in a style of dance

What does relationship mean ?

Ways the dancers face and place themselves in relation to each other

What does repetition mean?

Doing a sequence or a part again

What does retrograde mean ?

Reversing a motif - performing it from the end back to the beginning

What does rhythm mean ?

Sequence of beats, with accents , within a phrase of Movements

What does stimulus mean ?

Starting point for a dance idea

What does structure mean ?

The form a dance takes

What does subject matter mean ?

The theme of a dance mean

What does technique mean ?

Physical skill and shaping of actions in a particular style of dance

What does use of contact mean ?

Dancers have sight or are in touch with each other either visually or physically

What does variation mean ?

When a motif is changed spatially dynamically or performed in a different order