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19th century anthropologists focused on what type of religions?

"primitive" / non western


Beliefs and behaviors related to supernatural beings and forces


People's attempts to compel supernatural forces and beings to act in a certain way


narratives with plots that involve supernatural forces of being, indirect messages, usually part of oral tradition


Direct and formalized statements about religious belief


Life force of some kind / objects and people have certain life force


animal form supernaturals


human form supernaturals


Group of gods / supernaturals associated with polytheistic religion


supernatural beings in the form of our ancestors

Life cycle rituals

a marking of distinction, a new period of life


moving to a place due to a significant reason, the process is whats important

Rituals of inversion

social rules / scripts inverted, lack of control before sacrifice often in the form of control

Carnival in Bosa, Sardegna


guinea pig sacrifice among the Kallawaya in Bolivia

Shaman / Shamanka

direct relationship with the supernatural

Priest / Priestess

Leadership passed down through lineage


eventful powerful relationships with the supernatural, gained through vision / dream, tend to be very charismatic


Actions to affect / intervene with supernatural world

World religions

based of written sources with many followers that crossed borders and had a concern with human salvation

Film "covered girls"

gender, class, nationality, and citizenship----Religion

Expressive Culture

behaviors and beliefs related to art, leisure, and play


application of imagination, style, and skill to matter, movement and sound, beyond what is practical


culturally specific definition of what art is


cross cultural study of music


A form of entertainment that seeks to entertain through acting movement and sound


may reflect class differences and social rank, states show their power through the construction of monuments


institution that collects, preserves, and interprets objects on a regular basis

Two functions of a museum

aesthetic, educational


unnecessary activity though it may be functional and limited in terms of time with a beginning and an end


sometimes overlaps with play but does not include rules, chance, tension, and competition

Material cultural heritage

the places and monuments that have outstanding value to humanity

Intangible cultural heritage

culture as manifested in oral , language, performing arts, rituals, and festive events

Structural suffering

manifested as social inequalities and hierarchies

Symbolic suffering

internalization and legitimization of hierarchy


people get used to seeing the way migrant workers live and work and justify it by calling that normal for them


idea that some people are naturally predisposed to do some types of work


Exploited individuals internalize the hierarchys and their domination


the movement of a person or people from one place to another

Internals migration

movement within countries borders

International migration

movement across countries borders

Transnational migration

movement in which a person regularly moves back and forth between two countries resulting in new cultural identity

what is the dominant form of internal migration?

rural to urban

Labor migrants

work for brief period and have no permanent residency

Circular migration

women domestic workers in Latin America and Caribbean

When labor migrants are legally contracted it is called...

wage labor migration


someone forced to leave his or her country or community, majority are women and children

Internally displaced persons

forced to leave home but can stay in same country, highest amount in Africa, mainly due to political violence

Development induced displacement

Forced migration of people due to development

Over how many different languages are spoken in the Burlington public school district?

over 50

Burlington VT is a what?

refugee resettlement area

Institutional migrants

people who move into a social institution either voluntary or involuntary

Trends since the 1990's

Globalization, acceleration, feminization


part of UVM Extension's bridges to health program, works to increase access to fresh, culturally familiar foods through kitchen gardening

Two processes of change

invention and diffusion


a form of change based on material progress, everyone should want to become a core country


emphasis on social equity in benefits, especially in terms of increased income, literacy, and health

Human development

emphasizing investing in human welfare, which will lead to economic development

Sustainable development

forms of improvement that do not destroy nonrenewable resources

development project

a set of activities designed to put development policies into action