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When did Alsace receive AOC status?
Last major French winemaking region to do so
What are the two departments of Alsace AOP?
Where are the best wines generally from in Alsace AOP?
The Haut-Rhin - 2/3 of the Grand Crus are located there
What is the significance of the Vosges Mountains?
Provide a rain shadow effect for Alsace, ensuring a dry, sunny climate.
What is the climate in Alsace AOP?
Semi-continental with little rainfall
Generous sunshine ensures grapes ripen with more with more regularity than Loire or Burgundy
Where are the vineyards located in Alsace AOP?
At the foothills and lower slopes of the Vosges with southern, southeastern or warm exposure
What is the soil like in Alsace AOP?
Mix of chalk, loess and local pink sandstone (gres de Vosges)
Steeper slopes have schist, granite and volcanic sediment
Lower slopes have limestone base
Plains have richer alluvial clay and gravel
What percentage of Alsace AOP's production is white?
What are the noble grapes of Alsace AOP?
Pinot Gris
Sylvaner (Zotzenberg)
Muscat (Muscat Blanc/Rose a Petit Grans, Muscat Ottonel)
Besides the noble varieties, what are the allowed varieties in Alsace AOP?
Pinot Blanc (Klevner)
Chasselas (Gutedel)
Pinot Noir
What is the exception to the rule that all wine bottled in Alsace AOP must have 100% of the varietal?
Pinot Blanc which is often blended with Auxerrois
What can be in a wine labeled "Pinot" from Alsace AOP?
Pinot Noir
Pinot Blanc
Pinot Gris
What are the characteristics of Alsatian Riesling?
Dry, more powerful and higher in alcohol
Among most long lived dry whites in the world due to acidity in minerality
Must Alsatian Riesling be dry?
Yes, the standard Riesling must be dry according to a 2008 law.
What are the former names for Pinot Gris in Alsace AOP?
Tokay d'Alsace
Tokay Pinot Gris
What are the characteristics of Alsatian Pinot Gris?
Full, rich with spicy-smoky qualities and good acidity
What are the characteristics of Alsatian Muscat?
Highly aromatic, with fragrant floral and grapey notes
What are the characteristics of Alsatian Gewurztraminer?
Highly aromatic, perfumed sweet spices and tropical fruit
Sometimes off dry
What is Edelzwicker?
Noble mixture - Alsatian blended wine
No vintage required
Not legally obligated to contain more than one grape
What is Gentil?
Designation for superior Alsatian blends - must contain 50% noble grapes
What is Alsace Grand Cru AOP?
Proposed in 1975, enacted 1983
25 designated in 1983
25 in 1985
Kaefferkopf in 2006
Single varietal wines from noble grapes
Hand harvested
Higher minimum must potentials
What are the exceptions to the Alsace Grand Cru AOP?
Altenberg de Bergheim and Kaefferkopf may blend according to certain prescribed proportions
Zotzenberg for Sylvaner
What are the two sweet wines of Alsace AOP? What are their criteria?
Vendanges Tardives
Selections de Grains Nobles
Maybe used in conjunction with Alsace AOP or Alsace Grand Cru AOP
Single noble varietal
Pass a blind tasting panel
Doesn't have to be sweet
What is Selections de Grains Nobles?
Botrytis affected fruit in Alsace AOP or Alsace Grand Cru AOP
Single varietal
Picked in tries
Emphasizes botrytis
Typically dessert-lke
What is Vendage Tardives
From Alsace AOP or Alsace Grand Cru AOP
Single varietal
Emphsizes varietal character
May show botrytis
Passerillage is used
Can be dry
Does Alsace AOP allow for red and rose wines?
Yes from Pinot Noir
What is Cremant d'Alsace AOP?
MT sparkling from Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
Riesling, Pinot Gris and Auxerrois are also allowed
What is Cotes de Toul AOP?
AOP in nearby Lorraine
Reds from Pinot Noir
Whites from Auxerrois and Aubin
Rose in vin gris style from Gamay and Pinot Noir
What is Moselle AOP?
AOP near Alsace upgraded in 2011
R/W/R from Auxerrois and Pinot Noir
What is Cotes du Jura AOP? What are the allowed red and white grapes? How is their rose made? Are there any other styles?
Standard appellation for Jura
Reds - Poulsard, Trousseau, Pinot Noir
Whites - Usually 100% Chardonnay (Gamay Blanc), though Savagnin (Nature, Traminer) may be blended in
Roses - All five in vin gris style
Vin Jaune (sherry-style) - Only Savagnin
Vin de Paille (apassimento) - All but Pinot Noir, aged 18 mo in neutral oak
Need to know producers as levels of oxidation and freshness vary with no language to clarify
What are three other communal appellations near Cotes du Jura AOP?
Arbois AOP
L'Etoile AOP
Chateau Chalon AOP
What is Arbois AOP?
Jura's leading wine village
12 communes
Produces all styles of Jura wine
Only Pupillin may append its name to Arbois
What is L'Etoile AOP?
White-only appellation near Jura
Takes name from fossil shaped like five pointed star
Chardonnay, Poulsard, Savagnin
Bottled late in an oxidative style
What is Chateau Chalon AOP?
Commune near Jura specializing in vin jaune or yellow wine
Savagnin in limestone and marl
Deliberately oxidized and can age for decades
Kept in barrel until Dec 15 6 years after harvest
Not topped off and a voile, or veil, forms (flor)
Aldehydic, nutty and almost curried flavor
Not fortified
Must be bottled in a clavelin
What is Cremant du Jura AOP?
MT designation established in 1995
What is the vin de liqueur designation for Jura?
Macvin du Jura AOP
Marc added to unfermented grape must
May be white, red or rose and must be aged for one year in oak after mutage
What is Vin de Savoie AOP? What styles of wine does it produce? What are the allowed grapes? How does adding a village name affect the wine?
AOP south of Jura department
Alpine region with large lages
Some mousseux and petillant
Methode Ancestrale roses from bugey Cerdon
White - Altesse, Roussanne, Chardonnay + lessers
Red/Rose - Gamay, Mondeuse, Pinot Noir + lessers
Encepagement varies by department
Many villages can add their names to the AOP and communal encepagement can sometimes supercede the generic
What is Roussette de Savoie AOP?
100% Altesse from Savoie
Communes Frangy, Marestel, Monterminod, Monthoux
What is Seyssel AOP?
AOP in Savoie to the north of Lage Bourget
Dry and off-dry still and mousseux wines
100% Altesse for still
Sparkling adds Molette and Chasselas to a min 10% Altesse
What is Bugey AOP?
AOP in Savoie
Upgraded in 2009
West of Lake Bourget
R/W/R and sparkling Rose Bugey-Cerdon
What is Roussette de Bugey AOP?
AOP in Savoie
100% Altesse
Communes Montagnieu and Virieu le Grande