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Discovery Form

Form that covers losses discovered during the policy period even though they might have occurred before the policy period


The unlawful taking of property from the care and custody of a person by who has caused or threatened to cause that person bodily harm; includes situations in which the thief commits an obviously unlawful act that is witnessed by the custodian of the stolen property (such as an observed "smash and grab" theft from a shop window)

Computer Fraud coverage

Coverage for loss covered property due to the use of a computer to fraudulently transfer covered property to the wrongoer.

Loss Sustained form
Form that covers losses actually sustained during the policy period and discovered no later than one year after policy expiration
Extended Discovery Period
A specified period following the cancellation of a commercial crime policy; If discovered by the insured during this period a loss that occurred before the cancellation date will be covered under the cancelled policy

the unlawful taking of money securities or other property to the deprivation of the insured

Clients' Property endorsement

extends employee theft coverage to cover employee theft of money securities and other property while in the client's premises that the named insured's client owns or leases a client holds for others or for which a client is legally liable

Employee Theft endorsement

covers employee theft of money securities and other property

Inside the premises theft of money or securities insuring agreement

covers the insured's losses caused by theft disappearance or destruction of money or securities while inside the insured's premises or banking premises; requires the insured to prove destruction


the insured or his partner or employee having care and custody of the property on the premises excluding watchmen and janitors


An individual act, the combined total of all separate acts, or series of acts