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What are the functions of print media

Cultural Transmission

Diffusing Ideas

Spreading Knowledge


What is cultural transmission

Teaches language, values, and traditions

Teaches societal rules and norms

What's diffusion of ideas and knowledge

Formal vs. informal

-txtbooks are nonfiction they tell you to do things how to understand things

-news papers inform and interpret

History of books

tablets to papyrus, to scrolls, to codex (manuscript), to block printing, to movable type, to printing press, to dime novel, to mass-market paperbacks, to prong-on-demand, to digital books

Current book issues

Spawning (shows and movies)


Changes in sales patterns (unsteady)- general readership books and trade books have the most revenue

Audio books

History of newspapers

News pamphlets to news sheets to steam powered presses to news boys

Current issues of newspapers

Ownership (Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970 and Chains)

Advertising (most revenue)

Citizen Journalism

Circulation vs. readership

Loval Coverage


Investigative journalism

Publication schedules are different compared to newspapers

Specialized content (more current b/c of tv)

Current issues with Magazines

Ownership & Consolidation

Circulation vs. News stand Sales

Digital content

Physical Attributes (helps keep them around)