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What is a strong electrolyte?

Salt that readily ionizes,splits, in water what i

What is a weak electrolyte?

Salt that will lose one ion off a molecule in water

What does increased temperature do to solubility ? (Solubility curve)

Increasing temp increases solubility

What is Henry’s law?

If a cap is put on a container then the molecules that have converted from liquid to gas will be forced back into the liquid phase.

What is the mass percent equation?

Mass of the solute/mass of the solvent+solute *100

What is the mass volume percent equation ?

Grams of solute/milliliters of solution *100

What is the equation for molarity?

Mols of the solute/liters of solution

What is the equation for dilution of a solution ?

Dilution =c1*v1=c2*v2

What is boiling point elevation?

The boiling point of a substance is elevated when more solution is added


An even amount of water entering or leaving the cell


There is so much salt in the solution that water rushes into it


Nacl is so prevalent in the cell that water rushes into it

What is the equation for finding the chemical equilibrium ?


Activation energy

The amount of energy needed for a reaction to occur

What is le chatlier’s principle ?

When stressed is placed on a system, the system will naturally reorientate its equilibrium to alleviate stress

What is freezing point lowering?

Freezing point is lowered when solution is added

Adding more solution disrupts the ability of what to connect with each other?

Hydrogen bonds

What is a reaction rate?

The speed at which a reaction can occur

What three things are needed to form a reaction?

Collision of atoms




There is so much salt in the solution that water rushes into it

What is the equation for rate of reaction ?

Change in the reactant or product/time

Activation energy can be



High to low concentrations

Water follows