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The food service industry is vast, what does it encompass?

It encompasses every type of ffod and beverage operations that provide meals to people aways from their homes and sometimes even in their homes.

Why is food and beverage industry developments and trends constantly changing?

Becasue the needs and expectations of consumers evolve.

Why must food and beverage managers stay abreast of these trends?

So that changes and improvements to the bussiness can be made.

Give one example?

Menus must continually evolve so they can feature menu choices that guests want.

What can help a restaurant stay profitable?

Catering to guests needs.

U.S. Restaurant Industry:

More than $630 billion in sales

Industry employs 12.9 million people.

10% of the total U.S. Workforce

The nation's 2nd largest private sector employee.

expected to add 1.4 million jobs in the next decade

What are the developments abd trends that are currently making an impact on the food and beverage?

. Wholesale food prices are on the rise and are expected to continue to increase in tue near future. as one third of sales in restaurants go toward food and beverage purchases, fluctuations in food prices are significant to a restaurants bottom line.

. Technology use continues to increase in restaurants, with many food and beverage operations experimenting with online ordering, electronic ordering using tablet computers, and at table or wireless electronic payment options

. Social media continues to be an effective marketing tool in attracting 20 - something consumers. Restaurants can reach out to consumers through e-mail or text messages with daily special, or make them available on Facebook and Twitter.

. According to the National Restaurant Association (Nra), nearly three quarters of consumers say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers locally-produced food items, and more than half of all restaurant currently offer locally-sourced produce. Many restaurant are offering ethically-sourced foods, including meat, because they think " it is the right thing to do."

. The Nra reports that about three quarters of consumers are trying to eat a more healthfully at restaurants. Restaurants are offering more healthy menu options and smaller options.

.In the spirit of creating community, more restaurants are offering free WiFi, encouraging people to linger and mingle

.Food quality. Customer service quality, and value are the top attributes consumers look for when choosing a table service restaurant. For quick service restaurants. Customers are looking for food quality. Value, and speed of service when picking where to dine.

. Many restaurants are focused on reducing energy consumption. Darden a company that includes red lobsters and olive garden, plans to reduce energy and water use by 15 percent within five years.

Food trucks:

Food trucks started years ago as coffee carts or lunch wagons that delivered food to construction workers.

In recent years, they have become one of the hottest trends in the restaurant Industry l.

. These mobiles eateries are now offering a variety of gourmet options and fusions cuisine

. food truck use social media, especially twitter and facebook, to let customers know about theri offerings and locations.

. they more poplular in largr cities like new york, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

what does it mean by the food industry is labor-intensive?

it means that a large number of people are required to doe the work necessary to meet guests needs.

Are staff member in food service operation are just as valuable as guests?

yes they are.

why are the staff member of the food sevice operations valuable?

becasue without them the restaurant would fail, there is no one to do the work, no works gets done, no guests come and the restaruant must close its doors.

A -------- staff is the key to success in any fooe and beverage operation.


Mangers must lead ------ and ------ if their food and beverage organizations are to be successful.

wisely and well.

what is an important element of the success of food and beverage operation?

Hiring and retaining staff members who are able to provide quality service is an important element.

What are the three categories that food service employees fall into:


. supervisors

. Entry - Level production personnel

The way a food service organization is structured affects its ability to meet its goals, give one example:

If supervisors have to oversee the work of too many employees, they are less likely and training.

A food and beverage operation's organizational chart will vary:

depending on the size of the operation and whether it is independantly owned, part of a chain, or an institutional organization, such as school or hospital.

On average how many people change their obs every year?

One in five people change their jobs.

However, that number is closer to one in two in the hospitality industry.

To do a better job of retaining staff members, members must do what?

Restaurants must begin by recruiting and selecting the right people.

what does this process include?

What is it designed for?

recruitment, selection, orientation, training, and retention.

2. it is designed to find people who are the very best fit wihtin the culture and philosiphy of the restaurant.

Manager should choose staff member not only based on experience but what els?

but also on the service attitude required for the position.

1. Mangers can ask their best staff member to

recommend individuals to recruit. True or


2. spreading the word will help attract the very

best talent. True or false


2. True

what should enterviewers show?

they should show excitment about the restaurant, the opportunities available there, and the people who work there to ecourage potential recruits.

Having a positive attitude will attract positive people who work there to encourage potential recruits. True or false.


what should the manager consider when selecting a candidate?

2. what does the selecting process include?

should consider how the person's attitude and

professional goals fit in with the organization.

2. It includes a background chek and a drug test, if required by the company.

what does effective orientation reduce?

it can reduce turnover becasue it gives new staff members the tools they need to become familiar with their new positions and the operation as a whole.

The most effective way to train staff member is by using job instruction training. True or false?

2. what does this process include?


2. writing training objectives

showing the trainee what to do

having the trainee practice performing the

position responsibilities.

Providing feedback once the trainee begins to

work independantly.

Having high morale will help an organization retain its best staff. TRUE OR FALSE?

what must managers do to build morale?


2. they must be able to communicate and listen to staff needs, wants, and expectations.

Mangers should should check in with their staff members on a regular basis to asses moral.

what are other ideas for retention?

planning friendly competitions

Hosting an annual outing

Working as a team to give back to the


reimbursing employees for work-related

education expenses.

Learning how to be a good manager takes time. True or false?

2. what is one of the most important skill a manager can have?


2. most important skill a manager can have is the ability to train staff members, so they, in turn, can go and train others.

Promoting staff to supervisor and manager position from within allows:

the organization to grow its own talen and shows staff members that the oganizations to grow its own talent and shows staff members that the organization provide opportunities for advancement.

what is another retention stratergy?

How can performance be measured?

is to provide manager incentives, in the form of bonuses for good performance.

2. it can be measured in terms of sales, profit, guest satisfaction, staff satisfaction controlling expenses, or other factors.

The menu is like a restaurants business card TRUE OR FALSE

2. what does a menu define?


2. it defines an operation's concept and communicates that concept to guest.

A menu is one of the single biggest influences on an operation's development of a loyal guest base and a positive return on investment of?

energy, money, time, and other resources.

what is one of the goals of meny development?

then, is to influence the behaviors and emotions of the guests reading the menu.

from influencing guests to select the more profitable items on the menu to making them feel good about thier menu choices, the menu serves as a statement of the restaruants themes.

Its a plan for entire food and beverage operations, and it should be carefully developed with guests need and expectations True or false?


Menu Planning

To produce a memorable menu- on that will please guests and help achieve the goals of the operation- ther are several objectives a menu planner must met. The menu must:

Meet or exceed guest expectations

. Attain marketing objectives

. Meer quality standards

. Be cost-effective

. Be accurate

. Achieve a balance between traditional and innovative menu items.

. Be appropriate for the operation's facilities.

Selecting Meny items.

Choosing items to feature on the menu is a complicated process with many variables. Planners must balance costs with guests needs and expectations. After menu planners have considered these and other factors, they can select the itmes they wish to ofer in the following categories:


. Soups

. Salads (side and entree)

. Entree

. Desserts

. Beverages (Alcholic and non alcholic)

Menu planner must also decide what?

2. What are the three traditional meal periods?

decide on which meal periods to focus.

2. Breakfast

. Lunch

. Dinner

some food and bevergae operations do most of their business where?

2. what are others

Breakfast and lunch

2. others are primarily dinner houses.

some restaurant may have a combination menu. True or False

Some menus may choose to feature on sepertate menu? True or false

what does the wide range of specialty include


2. True.

3. Children's

. Senior citizens

. Alchoholic beverages

. dessert

. Room service

. Take out

. Banquet

. Poolside

. Afternoon tea

Another way to classify menus is to do what?

to determine whether they are fixed or cyclical.

a -------- does not change from day to day, although it may feature daily specials in addition to the regular items.

Fixed menu

what is a fixed menu (VOCAB WORD)

Does not change from day to day but may feature daily specials.

a -------- changes daily for a cetain number of days until the nemu repeats itself.

Cyclical Menu

what is a cyclical meny (VOCAB WORD)

2. where are these types of menu usually found?

Changes daily for a certain number of days until the menu cyle repeats itself.

2. in schools, healthcare facilities,and other types of cafeteria.

Another popular classification is based on the pricing structures of menus.

Many restaurants us an ------------- that offers and prices each item on an individual basis.

A la Carte menu.

What is A la carte menu (VOCAB WORD)

Guest may select from from a variety of different:

offers and prices each food item on an

individual basis.

2. Salads, entrees, vegetables,desserts, and beverages that are all individuall priced.

A -------. on the other hand, offers guests a fixed price meal that includes several courses.

Prix fixe menu

what is a prix fixe menu (VOCAB WORD)

Offers a complete meal with several courses for one price.

menus are are appearing on the screen of?

2. Touch screen menus located at the tables in some restaurants can do what?

variouse electronic devices, including big-screens televisions, smartphones, and tablets.

2. can transmit orders directly to the kitchen and ccept table-sides payments.

what is menu engineering? (VOCAB WORD)

Evaluating the menu by studying the popularity and profitability of menu items.

Menus are sales tools, so they must be designed to grab the attention fo guests quickly. true or false?

2. a well designed meny complements an operations:


2. overall theme, blens with the interior decor, and helps sell the most profitable menu items.

The following are the top ten rules for successful menu design:

. Speak Plainly: Use terms that are familiar to the reader, carefully select text to appeal to those who read it.

. Say what is important: because of various restrictions such as diets and allergies, guests need to know whether meny itmes contain ingredients like wheat, porl, nuts, dairy, or shelfish.

. Do not be afraid to be discriptive: the use of appealing adjectives such as crispy, fresh and sizzling, paints a mental picture of the item in the guest's mind.

. Say it correctly: whenever a discription, point of origin, or goverment grade or preperation tequnique is used on the menu, it must be accurate.

. Discribe accompaniments: include a discription of all items that accompany the main dish.

. Remeber less is more: Describe only these ingredients that add siginificantly to the flavor and value.

. Maintain sense of perspective: Do not try to recommend everyting; focus on signature menu items with no more than two or three per menu category.

. Spell it properly: if you wish to create an image of being the expert, make sure everything on the menu is spelled correctly and uses correct grammer.

. Punctuate properly: remember to use a comma between items in a series, such as breadcrumbs, mushrooms, and fresh parsely.

. Follow the rules of good typography: Select a paper color, ink color, front, and point size that can be read in the level of of lighting in the dining area.

no matter how well-planned and designed they are, menus should be evaluated periodically. TRUE OR FALSE:


------ ------- allow manager to study the popularity and profitablity of each menu item.

2. what is menu engineer (VOCAB WORD)

Meny engineering

2. Evaluating the menu by studying the popularity and profitalbity of menu items.

Manager can evaluate the menu asking pertinent questions or using the menu managment software. True or false?


the factors can infulence meny changes:


. Guest demands

. Economic factors

. Competition

. Supply levels

. Industry trends.


. operations meal pattenr

. Concept and theme

. Operational system

. Menu mix

Food and beverage operation require a wide variety of suppliers and equipment in order to serve guests properly. TRUE OR FALSE:

2. if the operation is part of a chain, purchasing is typically done centrally by who?


2. by staff at the chain's headquaters.

This centalized apporach ofthen results in what?

managers at independent operations must do their own purchasing. TRUE OR FALSE?

in lower prices for buld orders.

2. True.

puchasing is more than just placing and order. Purchasing practices have direct impact on what?

on the operation's bottome line.

is it very imprtant to purchase the right product at the right time from the right distributor for the right price?

yes it is.

what are some common supplies and equipments food and beverage operations must purchase.


. China

. Glassware

. Flatware

. Disposable items

. Uniforms

. Linens

. Furniture.


. Holding table (food warmers)

. Coffee urns and makers

. Refrigerators and freezers

. Dishwashers

. POS systems

. Handheld terminal

. Electronic pocket engineers.

Manager must decide what types and quality of supplies and equipments cna best meet guest needs. Give an example:

just as one would no use expensive china in a quick service operations, you would not use plastic flatware in a full-service restaurant.

whenever possible managers should consider purchase manufacuturer's brands that are available from more than one distributor. True or false


--------- are much easier to replace than --------- produced by a single distributor.

Open-stock items, custom made.

what is opens stock items (VOCAB WORD)

Merchandise kept in stock that enable operators to replace or supplement articles, such as dishes, purchased in sets.

Custom-Made items (vocab word)

made to individual specifications;more difficult to replace.

Restaurants are maintained at what are know as:

Par entry level or stock levels.

Managers must set the par levels and decide the minimum level that each item can be allowed to reach before an order must be placed to build the item's inventory back up to its established par level. True or false?

2. The minimum level is called the:


2. Reorder point.

what happens if par levels are set too high?

2. if par levels are set to low:

if par level are set too high and supples are overstocked, problesm with cash flow, theft or wasted storage space can occur.

2. and there aren't enough supplies on hand, guest and staff member fustrations and dissatisfaction can result.

Is it the responsibility of the general manager of each independent operation to determine par levels based on the type of operation, the number of seats, operating hous, and many other locations.

yes it is.

The process for recieving and storing food and beverage supplies can be summarized as follows :

1. Check incoming products agains the

purchase record to ensure that what was

recieved matches what was purchased.

2. Check incoming products agains the

standard purchase specifications form,

which lists specific quality requirements

for items.

3. Check incoming products against the

delivery invoice. The type and quantity of

products the operations recieves should

match what it is being billed for.

4. Record in writing any discrepancies

between waht was recieved and what was

ordered. Record any errors in price or

corrections for damaged items that are

returned to the distributor.

5. Move items to secure storage areas after

delivery and reciept.

what is a purchase record? (VOCAB WORD)

Record of the brand, purchase price, and quatity of an item ordered.

Service supplies are transfered from storage areas to kitchen an dining areas as they are needed. What is this process called?


what is issuing (vocab word)

the process of transferring supplies from storage are to kitchen and dining areas.

becasue space of the storage of supplies and dinning areas is often limited, what must managers do?

managers must ensure that the proper quantities of service supplies and no more are available in these areas.

Depending on the size of the operation, supplies may be requisitioned, ordered, from storage by who?

general manager, assistant manager, host or hostess, or another staff member.

is it important to establish and follow issuing procedures in order to prevent waste or shortages in the kitchen and dining areas.

yes it is.

The primary control problems with food and beverage supplies involve what?

2. creative members improvise when they do not have the materials to do their work efficiently. True or false.

misuse, waste, breakage, and theft.

2. True

how do they do that?

they might use a napkin as a pot holder, thus ruining the napkin.

To prevent misuse of supplies, managers must purchase proper supplies and equipment.

what can help reduce waste items such as throwing aways umopened food packets or accidently throwing flatware in the trash?

close training and supervision can help reduce this problem.

Manager must also train staff:

2. Manager should also be aware of:

to properly handle breakable items because these items are expensive to replace.

2. theft by guests and staf members and implement programs to reduce theft, such asoffering items with the operation's logo for sale.


A total dining experience consist not only of food and beverage but what else?

But also the restaurants design and decor.

The design and decor must compliments what?

2. The design and layout of a food and beverage operation has an impact on --------

The cuisine and service.

2. its appeal to guests and on the productivity of employees.

Managers must consider the design of all areas of the operation, including:

2. Event the most attractive design and nicest deocr mean nothing if the the food and beverage facility is not kept clean. TRUE OR FALSE?

. Kitchen, storage areas, the dining room, and the bar or lounge ares.

2. True.

Not only is cleanliness on of the top guest experience, it is also what?

a legal issue: food and beverage facilities must comply with local sanitation laws.


Designers must approach the design from the guests percpective. TRUE OR FALSE?

2. what are the elements they must consider?

3. what must they also be aware of:


2. noise, lighting, color coordination, and use of space.

3. goverment safety regulations, which govern such factors as emergency exits, how many guests a space can accomadate, and ADA accommodations.

Design also affects service. A poor layout may prohibit what?

service staff from completing their work efficiently.

The following factors should be considered in food and beverage facility design:

. Traffic Flow. There should be an efficient flow of guests, staff members product, supplies, and trash through a facility.

. Food safety and sanitation: sinks should be located in area where they are most likely to be used. To avoid cross contamination clean and dirty items should not come into contact with each other, and if possible raw items should be refrigerated seperately.

. Sustainable Design: Green features can be incorporated into the design. Facilites should consider pruchasin ENERGYS STAR rated appliances or even applying for LEED certification.


What must the dining area be compatible with?

2. what must all work together to support the overall theme?

it must be compatible with an organization's

theme, menu, and service style.

2. Furniture, decorations, and staff uniforms must all work together.

Give one example:

in a gourmet restuarant, it may be appropriate for the manager to wear a tuxedo. In a Mexican or other ethnic restaurants, uniforms and decorations may reflect the national heritage of that particular coulture.

what kind of products should managers purchase?

that can withstand wear and tear and make sure that any delicate decorations are out of reach and well anchored.

what is essential to think about when choosing a ffoda dn beverage operation's decor?

Color, Flooring wall covering, Decorations, Lighting, Ventilation, Noise, Music, Furniture and the exterior.

1. Brightness and cheer is for?

2. Restfulness is for?

3. Animation is for?

4. Romance is for?

1. Breakfast

2. Lunch

3. Early evening

4. Dinner.

what is one of the first thing a guest notices about a restuarant?

2. If the tabletops and the items stored are not clean, what feeling may guests get?


2. guests may get the feeling that other areas such as the kitchen is not clean.

Cleaning is important not only because dirty facilities create a negative impression on guests but also what?

If fixtures, furniture, and equipment are regularly cleaned and maintained what happens?

but also because food safety depends on cleanliness.

2. they will stay longer.

For cleaning to be effective, cleaning standards and procedures must be put into place and be part of what?

2. --------- is an effective way to ensure that all the items recieve the proper attention.

3. what does cleaning schedule let employees know?

Orientation and ongoing training programs.

2. Checklists.

3. Cleaning schedules let employee know how oftem items are to be cleaned.


Santitaion and safety are two topics managers can ingnore? True or False?

False, they cannot ignore sanitation and safety.

If an outbreak of illness is traced to an operation what happens?

the costs in humans suffering, productivity (If employees becoem ill), medical and hospital expenses (including claims settlement), negative publicity, and lost business can be devastating.

The cost in human suffering and medical and legal cost can also be significant if ------

A worker or guest is injured on the property because of usafe conditions.

Sanitation must be addressed at each sage of the food-handling process. TRUE OR FALSE:

2. Serious illness and even death can be caused by what?


2. caused by failure to follow simple, basic food sanitation procedures.

Safety concerns are jsut as vital.

Food service manager have what to provide safe conditions for employees and guests?

managers have a personal, professional and legal responsiblity.


the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) seeks to do what?

2. The key to sucessful us of the HACCP system is?

seeks to eliminate safety risks in fodd processing by identifying the specific hazards at each important point in a food production syste.

2. Staff training

For each preperation step they perform, staff members must know what?

Managers must routinely follow up to verify that everyone is complying with the critical limits. TRUE OR FALSE:

which control points are critical and what the critical limits are at these points.

2. True.

The seven HACCP principles should be incorporated in the process:

Hazard Analysis: Identify significant hazards and

develop preventative measures for a process or product to ensure safety. A thorough analysis includes a review of ingredients, processing, distribution and intended product use.

. Identifyl Critical Control Points (CCPs): Steps including, cooking, chilling, recipe control, and prevention of cross-contamination are CCPs that migh apply to a specific recipe.

. Establish Critical limits/preventative measures: Proper cooking, holding, and storage temperatures are examples of standards that must be incorporated into food-handling procedures.

. Establish procedures to monitor CCPs: Thses procedures help identify problems, assess the results of corrective actions, and provide written documentation for HACCP plans.

. Establish necessary corrective actions: This helps to identify reasons for deviation from HACCP plans and helps to ensure that critical CCPs are controlled.

. Establish an effective record keeping system: plans must detail hazards at each CCP, specify monitoring and recordkeeping procedures, and outline implementation stratergies.

. Establish procedures to verify that the HACCP system is working: Plans must be reviewed and verified, CCP records must be studied, and managers must determine that decisions for controlling damages have been effectively made when production deviations occur.

in addition to the production cycle, managers must ensure what?

2. what should Buyers ensure?

3. foods must be stored as soon as possible after:

managers must ensure food safety during purchasing, recieving, storing, and issuing.

2. buyers should ensure that food is obtained from sources that comply with a local, state, and federal sanitaiton laws.

3. after recieving, at the correct temperature, and should be issued on a First in, first out (fifo) basis.

what does first in first out (fifo) mean?

2. food safety procedures must include proper cleaning and sanitizing of:

3. Cleaning removes dirt from surfaces while sanatizing ---------

foods that are in storage the longest should be used first.

2. Dishes, flatware, pots, pans cooking surfaces, and the facility itself.

3. reduces harmful microorganism to acceptable and safe levels.

4. In addition to the the kitchen, regualr cleaning must be performed on floors, walls sidestations, and restrooms.


Safety relates to the prevention of accidents, especially those:

2. How most caused by?

that can harm guests, employees and others.

2. by someone's carelessness and can be prevented.

The most common types of food service accidents are:

2, what must manager ensure?

burns, cuts, falls, lifting injuries, and equipment accidents.

2. that staff is properly trained in the prevention of these types of accidents and injuries.

If and accident does occur, the manager should fill out an accident report. Then, an accident investigation should:

1. asses exactly what happened

2. Determine why the accident occurred.

3. suggest what should be done to prevent recurrences.

4. Follow up to ensure the preventative action

has been taken.

Every food and beverage operations should have a clear policy how to handle what?

2. first acid kits should be availabel and?

3.what should all staff members know?

On how to handle emergancies such as injuries, to staff members or guests.

2.conveniently located.

3. All staff members should know where first aid supplies are stored and they should be trained in how to use them to minor injuries.

why should they be trained in how to use the first aid kit

2. Staff must be prepared to handle incidents that involve choking victoms. what is often used to sav choking victims?

3. what does CPR stand for?

Becasue of the of the business.

2. The Heimlich manerver is oftenust to safe choking victoms.

3. Cardiopulminory resuscitation.

Food and beverage managers have the ultimate responsilbity for developing, implementing, and monitoring the operation's sanitation and safety efforts. what do their roles include:

. Incorporating sanitation and safety practices into operating procedures.

. Ensuring that sanitation and safety concerns take priority over convenience.

. Training employees in sanitary and safe work procedures

. COnducting sanitation and safety inspections.

. Completing accidents reports, assisting in investigation, and ensuring that problems are quickly corrected.

. Assisting in treatment and seeking medical assistance for injured employees and guests when necessary.

. Reporting necessary repairs or maintenance, changes in work procedures, or other conditions that are potential problems.

Labor and Revenue control:

Every dollar in excessive labor costs represents a dollar subtracted from teh bottom line. TRUE OR FALSE:

2. For example if a restaurant consistently exceeds its labour costs by $100 per week, that adds up to $5200 per year off the bottome lines. How much revenue would the restaurant have to generate to make up taht amount to the bottom line?


2. Much more than $5,200 in the restaruant's profit margins 12 percent (.12), the restaruant would have to generate $43,333 in gross sales to make $5,200 in profit.

$43,333 x .12 =5,200 rounded


Labor expenses in both the kitchen and service areas are really investments int he guets overall dining experience. TRUE OR FALSE:


As a general trend labor cost per hour have been rising in food and beverae operations in part due to rising minimum wages mandated by law. TRUE OR FALSE:

2. what can higher wages also mean?

3.It is the responsiblity of the ----------- ----------- to achieve a proper level of staffing.


2.may also mean taht the operation is attracting and retaining more qualified staff members.

3. operation manager.

when scheduling they should aim to achieve a balance between the needs of?

2. If staff levels are too low?

3. Staff levels that are too high?

staff, guests, and the owner.

2. Staff members fess rused and wverworked and guests are more likely to have a negative dining experince.

3.may lead to reduced tips per servier, which can lead to decreased morale.

High staffing levels will greatly increase labor costs and reduce restaurants profits.

Labor standards and ------ are critical to maintaing labor control.

Staffing Guides.

what is taffing Guides? (VOCAB WORD)

A worksheet showing the number of labor hours that must be worked as the volume of exoected business changes.

How do Labor standards help?

to determine the amount of time required to perform assigned tasks, such as rolling silverware in napkins, setting up the buffet, or cleaning the dining area after shift.

Using this information how can a staffing guide be developed?

2. The staffing guide is a tool for both?

which telss managers the numbers of labor hours needed for each position according to the voume of business forcasted.

2. planning work schedules and controlling labur costs.

When the number of actual hours exceed the number identified by the staffing guide, manager should analyze where the difference came from.


Another improtant aspect of controlling labor costs is being able to forecast sales. True or false?

2. To schedules the right number of production and service staff, managers must know approximately how many guests to expect, what they are likely to order, ans when they are likely to arrive. TRUE OR FALSE.


2. True.

Sales forecasts are also used to?

2. If too much food is purchased for the actual business volume, what can happen?

purchase, recieve, store, issue, and produce menu items to serve the estimated number of guests.

It could spoil, cutting into the operations bottom line.

forecasting are usually based on historical averages for each meal period and then adjusted for current conditions. give an example:

such conditions as road constructions int he area, a local event, or a special dining promotion can affect the forecast.

what are the two common forecasting methods:

moving average method and the wheighted time series method.


wheighed Time series Method:

This method places a greater value on the most recent data.

mOVING AVERAGE = Activity in previous n Periods/n

3 =285 +270 +260/3 =272 rounded.

2. (285)(3) + (270)(2) +(260)(1) =1,6555

1,655/3+2+1= 1,655/6 = 276 rounded.


Guest check systems are designed to do what?

2. The majority of restaurants use?

3. When automated systems crash,

ensure that the kitchen produces only items that were actually ordered and that revenue is collected for all items saved.

2. electronice point of sale (POS)

3. it is important to be able to use a mannual guest check system.

Before entering an order, the server opens the ------- -------- in the system by putting her identification number.

2. once a guest check has been opened, it becomes part of what?

3. An automated POS allows managers, at any point during service, to monitor the status of any guest check, including

Guest check

2.of the systems open check file.

3. voided items, outstanding checks, and the servers responsible.

Once payment is reciceved , the guest check status changes from opent to close.


Processing payment is an important revenue control function. TRUE OR FALSE?

Managers must ensure that:

3. To prevent credit card thefts what has some restaurants done?


2. that a process is in place to protect guest informations and prevent fraud and theft.

3. have insituated tableside payment using handheld devices.

In most food and verage operations, individual servers are responsible for collecting payment. TRUE OR FALSE?

whenever ----------, a dedicated cashier should handle the payment to ensure a seperation of duties.


2. feasible.

with -------------, servers and bartenders use thier own banks of money to collect payments from guests and retain the collected revenue until they check out at the end of their shifts.

2. what is server banking system? (vocab word)

server banking systems.

2. servers and bartenders use their own banks of money to collect payments from guests and retain the collected revenue until they check out at the end of their shifts

When -----------, guest pay the cashier, the bartender, or the food and beverage server (who then pays the cashier or the bartender who has cashiering duties)

2. what is a cashier banking system ( vocab word)

Cashier banking system.

2. guests pay the cashier.

Staff member responsible for revenue collection are issued what?

2, they count their opening banks to make sure they contain the appropriate amounts of each type of currency.

Cash Banks at the start fo their shifts.

2. At the end of the shift, they count the banks again and record the amount of revenue collected.


Consumers are increasingly making lifestyle choices and changes that contribute to?

2. Foood and beverage are selling less alchohol today then they did decades ago. TRUE OR FALSE:

Healthier living of food.

2. True

More guests acre choosing smaller protion sizes and demanding foods that are?

2. What items are appealing to a growing number of restaurants patrons?

3. What does a pescetarian exclude?

4. what kind of laws has local and state goverment passed?

Low in fat, sodium, cholesterol, and sugar.

2. Vegetarian, vegan and pescetarian menus.

3. excludes poultry,beef and pork from his or her diet but includes fish and other seafood.

4. passed laws that ban trans fats and required operators to include calorie count on menus.


According to the World Allergy Organization,

2. Signs of food allergies include what?

3. More severe food allergies can even result into death. TRUE OR FALSE

220-250 million people may suffer from food allergies worldwide.

2. itching, hives, vomiting or abdominal pain.

3. True.

what are many allergic reaction caused by?

2. Eating away from home can pose a significant risk to people affected by food allergies. TRUE OR FALSE?

3. That close to half of fatal food allergy reactions triggered by:

Milk eggs, legumes, nuts, shelfish, and wheat.


3, food served by a restaruant or other food service establishments.

so what could be important for for the food and beverage staff?

2. Food and beverage managers should research ways they can do what?

3. it may be useful to create a menu plan for dealing wiht guests with ---------- for staff member to follw.

it is important for the staff and managers take food allergies seriously and recognize that ther are no shortcuts to accommodating persons with food allergies.

2. they can creat meny choices to accommodate allergies.

3. Allergies.


An increasing number of guests prefers to see --------- or other sustainable food options at restaurants.

2. What is Organic foods? (vocab word)

Organic foods.

2. Plants or animals raised without the use of chemicals.

what are sustainable foods?

2. what are they healthy for?

they are those have been grown or raised locally or without harming the enviroment.

2. for consumers, animals, fair fo staff works, and support the local community.

what are the examples of sustainable foods:

. Grass-fed and antibiotic-free meat.

. Eggs from cage-free chickens

. Fish and seafood that is not endangered

. Organic or heirloom produce

. Fair trade coffee.

What have some restaurants discovered?

2. what do others incorporate?

a new market of guests who will pay a primium for the generally higher priced organic foods.

2. Sustainability and green practices into their operations because they feel its ehtical thing to do.