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Black and white view of deviance. All good or all bad.


Deviance is socially created.

Labeling Theory

Self-identity determined or influenced by terms used to classify them.

Deterrence Theory

People who weigh the costs and benefits/pros and cons before they act.


Behavior defined by illness/illness is the cause of said behavior.


Anything that society sees as offensive.

Social Change Model

Community, group, and individual. Meant to facilitate positive social change at the institution or in the community.

7/8 C's of Social Change Model

Citizenship, collaboration, congruence, consciousness of self, common purpose, controversy with civility, commitment, and change.


Active engagement in community.


Implies passion towards group or activity.


Consistent with one's own values and self.

Common Purpose

To work with shared aims and values.

Consciousness of Self

Being aware of values and beliefs that motivate one to take actions.

Controversy With Civility

Conflicts resolved through open and honest dialogue.


Result of the 7 C's

Three Major Sociological Perspectives

Structural functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionism.

Structural Functionalism

Society is god, everyone is equal.


Society is bad, there is no equality.

Symbolic Interactionism

The way society interacts.

Traditional Family Values

Nuclear family, mom, dad, and child(ren)

Sociologist's views on "traditional family values"

It does not exist, and never has in it's purest form.

Normalization of Divorce

Society accepts that divorce happens, is a normal/expected, and more and more couples are getting divorced.

Social Structures That Impact the Family

Law and politics, religion, and economics.

U.S. Family Leave Policies Compared to Other Countries

U.S. has no paid leave and a very short leave time.

Social Difference Between Cocaine and Crack-Cocaine

Those who live in poverty are more likely to use crack-cocaine as opposed to those in a higher-class who are more likely to use cocaine.

Meaning of Disproportionate Incarceration Rates

One race is arrested far more than the other even though crime rates are almost the same between them.

Family Systems Theory Roles

Victim, chief enabler, scapegoat, mascot, family hero, lost child.

Situational Ethics

Flexibility in morals depending on circumstances.

Three Elements of Deviance

Expectation, Violation, and Reaction


Community, Offender, Victim

Restorative Justice Programs

Real restitution, Community service, Conferencing

Factors Involved in American Gun Violence

Mental illness, publicity, and violence through media