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A pt unable to extend the leg or flex the hip is most likely to have incurred an injury in which nerve plexus?
Which of the following is most prominent mechanism of injury associated with spinal cord injuries?
Auto Accidents
A spinal cord lesion that results in paralysis of both lower extermities is known as
Which of the following is NOT true regarding spinal immob for the pt wearing a helmet?
Most full helmets provide adequate stabilization of the head, but it may be necessary to place a pad under the shoulders to achieve neutral alignment of the head
When assessing the pt with a potential spinal cord injury, which of the follwoing findings would indicate diaphragmatic breathing?
Little chest movement, exaggerated abdominal movement
Your pt 30 yom who was playing backyard game of football and was tackled forcefully from the left side at the level of the shoulder. Based on this mechanism of injury, you should suspect?
Compression fractures on the left side of the cervical spine; torn ligaments on the right side of the cervical spine
A pt who was involved in a frontal motor vehicle crash in which his face struck the windshield is most likely to have which of the following types of injuries?
Cervical hyperextension
Which of the following places the pt's spine in neutral position?
1 to 2 inches padding under head and a rolled blanket under the knees
Which of the following medications is NOT warranted in prehospital management of pt with spinal cord injuries?
Methylprednisolone (Solu-medrol)
Anterior cord syndrome is caused by which of the following mechanisms?
Disruption of arterial blood supply to the anterior cord
Which of the following is a function of the sypathetic nervous system?
Increased heart rate
Which of the following spinal cord injuries is LEAST likely to result in residual neurological deficit?
Which of the following is NOT included in the prehospital neurological examination of the pt with a potential spinal cord injury?
Hip Flexion
Your pt is a 38 yom who jumped 25 ft from a bridge into a dry creek bed. He is most likely to have a compression fracture of?
Which of the following groups is a highest risk for spinal cord injuries?
Males, 16 to 30