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What happened to the confederate generals accused of treason?
All were pardoned by Jefferson, except for Davis who served jail time.
What happened to Southern cities?
Everything kind of shut down, factoires closed, banks closed, and the South lost tons of money.
Did all slaves become free right away?
No some kept loyal to their masters or when the attempted to gain freedom were stopped by Southern whites.
Whoe were the "Exodusters?"
25,000 blacks that attempted to move to Kansas to start their own community, but were stopped by steamboat captains who refused to take more blacks across the Mississippi river
What became a central focus in black communities?
What created Bureau provided food, medical care, clothing and education to freed black men and white refugees?
The Freedman's Bureau
Who was the head of the Freedman's Bureau?
Oliver O. Howard
Why was Johnson considered a carpet bagger?
Because at age 17 he moved to Tennessee to become a politician.
Why did Lincoln ask Johnson to be his VP and join the Union party?
He thought Johnson would attract war-Democrats and others that like prosouthern elements
What was Lincolns 10% plan?
said that Southern states could reintergrated into the Union if 10% of the voters took an oath saying that they would follow the emancipation act
What was the Wade-Davis bill?
Bill that was created by Congress that required 50% of the states' voters to take an oath of allegiance to insure higher safeguards for emancipation.
Why were people upset by the Wade-Davis bill?
Thought that since states had left the Union they had forfeited all their rights and did not deserve to get them back.
Who led the radicals in the South?
Charles Sumner
Who was the radical House leader that represented Blacks in court cases in the South?
Thaddeus Stevens
Who was the head of the Joint (House-Senate) Committee of Reconstruction?
Thaddeus Stevens
What act divided the South into five military divisions so the generals could help to ratify the 14th Amendement?
The Reconstruction act of 1867
Who agreed with Lincoln that the seceded states never offical left the Union?
Which laws were set to regulate the affairs of the emancipated blacks?
The Black Codes
Who had the harshes Black codes? Who had the most lenient?
Harsh= Mississippi
Lenient= Georgia
What was one right that the blacks recieved?
Right to marry
What were some laws that were still restricted from Blacks?
Could not serve on a jury and were not allowed to rent or lease land.
Why did the South have anyone to represent them?
All of their leaders were in jail or had been pardoned because they had followed the ideas of the Confederacy.
Who were the "whitewashed rebels?"
The pre-Civil War represntatives that came back into the House and Senate.
Why did Congress and Johnson disagree?
He would veto all bills that would help move the country foward. All of Congress' black rights bill were shut down by Johnson.
Why was Congress afraid of South power?
They didn't want the South to control congress because they could revoke some of the Black's rights bills.
Who advised the South to reject the 14th Amendment?
Pres. Johnson
What did the 14th amendment entitle?
All Blacks were citizens
What was the point of the electorate in the South that voted the Southern states back into the Union on resonable terms?
Put the federal governement out of the direct responsibility for protection against black rights
Why were the radical Republicans worried about the reinstatement of the Confederacy?
Thought that once the South were states again they would change their state constitutions to withdraw the ballot from Blacks.
What court case decided that military tribunals could not try civilians, even during war time, where the civil courts were open?
Ex parte Milligan
How did the Woman's Loyal League obtain rights for the Blacks?
They collected signatures on positions and led protests.
What upset women of this time period?
That the 14th Amendment neglected to mention that gender doesn't matter in voting and that women shold have the right to vote.
How many years later did women get the right to vote?
How did Blacks obtain the right to vote?
They had to be qualified through education, property ownership, of military service.
Before the 15th Amendment, why were Republicans considered hypocritical?
They only allowed certain Blacks to vote.
What was the Union Leagle?
A group started by Blacks to educate them in certain political areas to understand what was happening.