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Missions state...

Overall goals: including business scope, and outcomes aiming to be achieved

Operative goals: actual goals that describe specific, measurable outcomes

Construct organizational design...

in ways that allow them to achieve operative goals which facilitate achievement of overall goals

Missions describe...

Vision (where we are heading?)

Shared beliefs and values (culture)

Reason for being

Missions provide for...

Legitimacy (whether society buys in)


Employee identification (employees buy in)


Operative goals (5)...

- the ends sought after

- direct and motivate employees

- provide decision guidelines

- performance standards

- should link to strategy

Types of operative goals (6)

- overall performance (profitability)

- resources (acquisitions/finance)

- market (share/standing)

- employee development

- innovation & change

- productivity

Strategy is... (2)

the unique advantage in the marketplace, not the steps

it is a plan for interacting with the competitive environment to achieve organizational goals

What are the two types of strategy models illustrated in the textbook?

Miles and Snow's Typology

Porter's Competitive Strategies

What are the four competitive stances in Porter's Competitive Strategies Model?

low-cost leadership


focused low-cost leadership

focused differentiation

Low-Cost Leadership

Uses a broad organizational scope (many customer segments) with low-cost being the competitive advantage

Example: Walmart


Company uses a broad organizational scope (many customer segments) with uniqueness being the competitive advantage

Example: Apple

Focused low-cost leadership

Narrow customer segments using low-cost as their advantage (local areas)

Example: West Jet

Focused Differentiation

Narrow customer segments using uniqueness as their competitive advantage

Example: Four Seasons Hotel

List the four types of organizations in Miles and Snow's Typology and describe them...

Prospector - innovates

Defender - stable

Analyzer - stable but periphery is innovative

Reactor - responds

What is the major influence of organizational design?


The difference between efficiency and effectiveness is...

efficiency is about units of input to produce units of output

effectiveness is the extent to which the organizational goals are being attained

What are the three contingency approaches to effectiveness?


Internal process


What are the four areas of the competing-values model?

Human resource emphasis

Open-systems emphasis

Internal processes emphasis

Rational-goal emphasis

Human resource emphasis... (3)

Goal is human resource development

Sub-goals are morale and cohesion

Organizations of internal focus and flexible structures

Open-systems emphasis... (3)

Goal is growth and resource acquisition

Sub-goals are flexibility and readiness

Organizations of external focus and flexible structures

Internal-process emphasis... (3)

Goal is stability and equilibrium

Sub-goals are information management and communications

Organizations of internal focus and controlled structures

Rational-goal emphasis... (3)

Goal is productivity and proficiency

Sub-goals are planning and goal-setting

Organizations are externally focused and controlled structures