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Since ancient times, hairpieces and wigs have been worn to cover ____________ areas, as part of ceremonial _____________, or to conform to _______________.
balding, rituals, fashion
A small hairpiece or wig used to cover the top or crown of the head used to be called a ____________.
Hair replacement options include drugs, hair replacement systems or solutions, surgical hair transplantation, and ___________________.
scalp reduction
The quality of a hair replacement varies with the kind of _______ used in its manufacture and the way in which it is ____________.
hair, constructed
The types of hair used In the construction of hair replacements are ________ hair, ___________ hair, and ____________ hair.
human, synthetic, animal
Some advantages of human hair replacements include a more natural look and texture, durability, and the ability to tolerate __________ processes.
Special shampoos and conditioners are used on _______ hair systems.
____________ hair is used in the production of full wigs and some hair solutions.
Mixed-hair products are often used in the manufacture of ____________ or fashion wigs.
Hair replacement systems are typically available with hard, ______, mesh, net, polyurethane, or ___________ bases.
soft, combination
Materials used in base construction include silk, nylon, or plastic mesh; _______; thin _______ skin; or a combination of materials.
lace, onion
__________ refers to the way the hair is attached to the base of the hair solution.
Root-turning refers to sorting the hair strand so the cuticle points toward the hair ends in its _________________ of growth.
natural direction
Hair systems that are that are available from manufacturers and distributers in different sizes and colors are called ______ systems or __________ systems.
stock, pre-custom
A custom hair replacement system requires a ________ or pattern and ________ matching.
template, color
The ________ is often the one to measure, fit, cut, and style the hair system once it has been received from the supplier.
When performing the _________________, the hair should be lightly trimmed, leaving a low neckline and length close to the ears at the sides.
preliminary cut
_______________ from the preliminary cut are used as a texture and color guide.
The sizes of men's hair replacements are commonly measured in ______________.
Disadvantages of human hair replacements include reactions to ________ changes and fading.