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Cause Branding

A longer-term commitment than cause-related marketing.

More directly related to firms line of business

Cause Related Marketing

Directly linking a business product or service to a specified charity.

Developing a Community Action Program

1. Know the community

2. Asses Co. resources

3. Select projects to support

4. Monitor performance of the community

Community involvement

Voluntary activities in the community.

Community Partnerships

Occurs when a for-profit business enters into an arrangement with a nonprofit for their mutual advantage.

Employee Owned

Selling a plant to the employees as a way of avoiding a shutdown.



Offshore Outsourcing

Relocation of business processes to a different country.


The relocating of business processes to a different company.


A Desire to help mankind as indicated by acts of charity; love of mankind.

Strategic Philanthropy

An approach by which corporate giving are designed to fit with the firms mission, goals, or objectives.

Third Sector

The nonprofit sector

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act


Requires firms with 100 or more workers to provide 60 day notice before shutting down or making layoffs