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The translation of Manifest Destiny mean what?

"Obvious Fate"

In other words, what does Manifest Destiny mean?

The belief that the United States had the right and the duty to expand to the west.

Why did the US want possession of the port city of New Orleans?

So farmers settling west of the Appalachians could get their crops to market.

Where would those crops go?

They would float down the Mississippi River to New Orleans where they would be shipped to Europe or cities on the east coast.

Where was the land known as Louisiana located?

It stretched from Canada to Texas and as far west as the Rocky Mountains.

To whom did Louisiana belong before the 1800s?

France and Spain

Who signed the treaty giving Louisiana to the US?

James Monroe

How much did the US pay France?

$15 million

What did the purchase of Louisiana do to the size of the US?

It doubled it

Was everyone in favor of the Louisiana Purchase?

No, some thought too large a country would be hard to govern. Others objected to the cost.

What were reasons the US wanted to take over Florida?

Seminole Indians were raiding Georgia farms and slaves often ran away there.

Who did Monroe send to Georgia to stop the raids?

Andrew Jackson

What did Jackson do?

He didn't listen to orders, marched into Florida, captured posts, arrested British subjects, and replaced the Spanish governor with an American.

How did Spain react?

They wanted Jackson punished.

What did Monroe do about Jackson?

All but John Quincy Adams told him to apologize and remove Jackson. Adams told him to tell Spain to govern properly or get out.

What did Spain do?

They left Florida after the US paid off settlers claims agains Spain.

Why did southerners want Texas to become part of the US?

The region was well suited to growing cotton, the most valuable cash crop.

Stephan Austin arrived in Texas after what occurred?

Mexico declared its independence from Spain and Texas became part of Mexico.

What was required for of settlers to stay in Texas?

They had to promise to become Mexican citizens and join the Catholic church.

What is a Tejano?

Texan of Mexican decent

Of the 25,000 Americans who went to Texas, how many were Tejanos?


Why did Tejanos resent Americans settling in Texas?

They said the Americans were on their land illegally.

What upset Americans?

They were used to governing themselves, they didn't want to listen to Mexican officials, they didn't like that official documents were in Spanish, and they didn't like that Mexico had outlawed slavery.

What did the Mexican government do as a result of the tensions?

They closed Texas to further US immigration.

How did Texans feel about these actions?

They resented them and eventually revolted.

What happened at the Alamo?

Texans took it over and were attacked by Santa Anna's troops. The Alamo defenders all died.

How did Texans feel about the Alamo?

The outcome filled them with rage.

How did Texas win its independence?

Sam Houston's troops staged a surprised attack and captured Santa Anna.

What was exchanged for Santa Anna's release?

Santa Anna ordered his remaining troops out of Texas.

What did the independent country of Texas become known as?

The Lone Star Republic

How long did Texas remain independent?

10 years

Who wanted to annex Texas?

President Polk and after he was elected, Texas became the 28th state.

What made up Oregon Country?

The land from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Who claimed the land?

Spain, Russia, Great Britain, and the US until Spain and Russia gave up their claims.

Why did settlers want to travel to Oregon Country?

The land consisted of fertile farmland.

What were slogans of President Polk's campaign?

"All of Oregon or none!" "Fifty-four forty or fight!"

As a firm believer in Manifest Destiny, Polk wanted to continue to expand the US. What did he want to acquire next?

California and New Mexico

The annexation of Texas caused what?

Relations between the US and Mexico went bad, a border could not be agreed upon which caused Mexican soldiers to fire upon US soldiers and this led to the Mexican American War.

What did Mexico give up in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

Texas and the Mexican Cession

What did the US agree to in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

The US agreed to pay Mexico $15 million and promised to protect Mexicans living in that area.

How did the US acquire more land from Mexico?

In 1853, the Gadsden Purchase created the current border of the southwestern US and Mexico.

What was a gained by acquiring this land?

Railroad builders were able to build a route to California on this relatively flat land.