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Absolute Location

The position of a certain item on the surface of the Earth as expressed in degree minutes, and seconds of latitude 0 to 90 N or S of the equator, and longitude, 0 to 180 E or W of the prime meridian.


The degree of ease with which it is possible to reach a certain location from other locations.

Activity space

The space within which daily activities occur


The art and science of making maps, including data, compilation, layout, and design.


The degree of direct linkage between one particular location and other locations on a transport network.

Contagious Diffusion

Distance-controlled spreading of an idea, innovation or some other item through local population from person-to-person.

Cultural Barrier

Prevailing cultural attitude rendering certain innovations, ideas, and practices unacceptable or unadoptable in that certain culture.
Cultural Complex

A related set of cultural traits, such as prevailing dress code and cooking/eating utensiles

Cultural diffusion

expansion and adoption of a cultural element from its place of origin to wider area.

Cultural ecology

multiple interactions and relationships between a culture and the natural environment.

Cultural hearth

heartland, source area, innovation center;place of origin of a major culture

Cultural landscape

the visible imprint of human activity and culture on the landscape.

Cultural trait

single element of normal practice in a culture; such as wearing a TURBAN!!!


sum total of the knowledge, attitudes and habitual behavior patterns shared and transmitted by members of society.


Measurements of the physical space between two objects.