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Are usually designed for one particular type of work
Standard systems are those systems that are standardized across more than one
Which system supports the admissions and dispositions functions in the MTF?
Which function is supported by DEERS?
Medical/dental records tracking between MTFs
Auxiliary storage devices
Stores large amounts of data electronically
Which devices are considered auxiliary storage devices?
Floppy disk, hard disk, and magnetic tape
Hard disk devices
Are standard in most microcomputers
A program or set of programs that manages and directs a computer system is called
An operating system
RAM is
The temporary electrical storage space that holds program instructions
ROM is
permanent memory that cannot be erased by the computer or the user
A table for holding information similar to an accounting ledger is an electronic?
A program that stores information in an organized way is called a
All records in a database contain the same
Pie charts can only
Chart one set of values
What COMPUSEC objective is reached when there is no unexpected downtime due to a virus or sabotage?
What COMPUSEC objective is attained when the computer system performs its intended function, free from deliberate or unintentional unauthorized handling of the system?
What COMPUSEC objective is achieved when access to sensitive information is allowed only to those with the proper clearance, authorization, and need-to-know?
Who is responsible for ensuring computer users are trained in COMPUSEC awareness and local operating instructions?
Information systems security officer
When are users provided COMPUSEC training?
Prior to being granted system access and annually thereafter
Who represents the CSSO at locations the CSSO cannot effectively monitor users or system activities?
Workgroup manager
Information needing protection from public interest is marked
For Official Use Only
The Privacy Act of 1974
Safeguards personal information from unauthorized use?
An individual is allowed access to classified information after a determination is made that
The individual is trustworthy and access is necessary for performance of duty.
The simplest way to make personal contact when writing is to use
Familiar, everyday words
The body of your correspondence explains and clarifies your
The first step in finalizing your draft of correspondence is to
Edit your work
When editing your writing, concentrate on technical accuracy and coverage, arrangement, and
What is the MOST common format used in Air Force correspondence
Official Memorandum
Which format would be used to obtain approval or signatures on correspondence?
Staff Summary Sheet
The BEST way to manage correspondence involves sorting, routing, and
Controlling suspenses
An emergency involving military forces caused by natural disasters, terrorists, subversives, or by required military operations is called
What is the relocation of forces to a desired area of operation called?
What is a quality or capability of military forces to move from place-to-place while retaining the ability to fulfill their primary mission called?
Which duty is the responsibility of the medical readiness officer/NCO?
Ensure disaster team training programs are developed and conducted
According to the DOD a unit type code is developed and assigned by whom?
Joint Chiefs of Staff
What is a standard manpower listing published to identify the manpower tasked to deploy in support of specific UTCs?
Manpower Force Element Listing
Substitutions shall NOT succeed what percent of any Air Force AFSC requirement in a single UTC or set of UTCs that collectively make up an operational platform?
Who has the responsibility of storing and inspecting chemical antidotes?
Medical group commander
Who keeps the MDG commander and squadron commanders informed of the deployment status of unit personnel and equipment subject to deployments?
When following the procedures to process individuals for deployment, who will review the deployment records for the members of each UTC being tasked?
Medical Readiness Staff
What program requires cross-functional interaction that integrates procedures and standards for planning; logistical requirements; emergency response actions; exercises and evaluations?
Which section of the MCRP provides definitive information as to HOW, WHERE, WHEN, and WHO performs a particular function?
What triage category and color would be used for a patient in a mild anxiety state?
What triage category and could would be used for a patient with injuries requiring inordinate medical treatment to the detriment or neglect of other patients?
Who is responsible for the distribution and maintenance of the MCRP?
Medical readiness officer/NCO
Disaster team checklists should be updated as necessary and reviewed at LEAST
Once a year
What telephone communications system is designed to save lives through the rapid relay of emergency information to specific base agencies?
Primary crash alarm circuit
What telephone communications system is designed to alert support activities of emergency situations?
Secondary crash alarm circuit
Before using the STU-III to discuss classified information, users must
Access the secure mode using a crypto ignition key
Horizontal and vertical lines on a grid map are called grid
On a grid map, the grid square is identified by its grid
An example of a rough grid coordinate is
On a grid coordinate of 2.5/E.4, the 2 represents
Vertical grid line
The 2 types of official Air Force E-mail are?
Organizational and individual
Which type of E-mail must contain a complete signature element clearly indicating who sent the communication?
The success of the global message communications depends on a secure
Writer-to-reader messaging system
What bar provides access to various Microsoft Outlook DMS functions while the user is composing or drafting a message?
Menu Bar
Where does the user type text summarizing the contents of the message?
Subject line
Unclassified MEDRED-Cs are marked
For Official Use Only
Which areas are sections of the MEDRED-C?
Status Change, and Employment Status
In what area of the SITREP would you also include deviations and variations from previously reported intentions or plans?
The portion of the SITREP that specifically addresses significant deficiencies that are above the commander's capability to overcome in a timely manner is
What type of information is included in the PERSONNEL area of the SITREP?
Factors affecting the readiness of forces or units
What is an internal management tool used by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Unified Commands, and Combat Support Agencies?
What is an AFMS web-based system which allows users to quickly and effectively monitor a unit's personnel, training, and WRM and deployment status?
Which customer service skill means making exceptions to your routines to meet special customer needs?
Studies have shown that the most important thing you can do to build relationships is to
Use a customer's name
What type of body language projects an angry, defensive attitude or personality?
What type of body language projects a pleasing, helpful attitude or personality?
Which statement is the BEST way to answer the telephone?
"Resource Management Office, Sergeant Jones."
What actions should you take before you transfer a caller to another office?
Find out what the caller needs and verify the appropriate person who can help before making the transfer
How long should you stay on the line after you transfer a call?
Until you are certain the other person can help the caller
The prefix which mean "on the outside" is
The prefix "-plasty" means
Surgical reshaping
The suffix "-penia" means
Lack or reduction in number of
Arthr(o) is the root word meaning
What is the abbreviation for "both ears"?
The anatomical term "peripheral" refers to something
Outward from the center of the body
The anatomical term meaning "away from midline" of the body is
What body system gets rid of processed body wastes?
The MOST common chemical elements in the body are carbon, hydrogen,
Nitrogen and oxygen
Which macromolecules carry instructions that tell each cell how to perform their particular job?
Nucleic acids
Which type of tissue helps support and join together various parts of the body
The epidermis
forms the outermost layer of the skin
Subcutaneous tissues
form the innermost layer of the skin
The place where bones meet is a
Smooth muscles are found in most of the body's
Internal organs
Digestion begins in the
The respiratory system provides the body with oxygen and rids the body of carbon
Inhaling and exhaling result mainly from contractions of the
Air passes through the nose, then, IN SEQUENCE, it passes through the
Pharynx, larynx, and enters the trachea
Arteries carry blood
away from the heart
The largest artery in the body is the
All of the lymph flows into either the thoracic duct or the
Right lymphatice duct
Urine leaves the body through the
What produces sperm?
Which glands control body functions by producing hormones?
Which gland is the "master gland"?
Sensory neurons carry information
To the central nervous system