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What percentage of Bangladesh is delta land?


How far is most of the nation above sea level?

Less than one metre

What two rivers meet here?

The Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers

What do these two rivers erode and transport?

The mountains of the Himalayas

How much alluvial sediment do these rivers carry and deposit a year?

~1,820 million tonnes
More than twice the annual load of the Amazon, Nile and Mississippi rivers

What percentage of Bangladesh lies underwater?


What does the percentage of Bangladesh underwater increase to in summer?


Why does an increase in the percentage of Bangladesh underwater occur?

Flooding from monsoon rains and swollen rivers

What are good floods called?


What are bad floods known as?


What percentage of Bangladesh may be underwater in a bonna flood?


What do the high mountains cause?

Wet climates

How high are the mountains?

Up to 6,000m

When does the snow melt?

April and May

What causes the snowmelt?

Rising spring temperatures

What happens when the snow melts?

An immense input of water released

How long are the river channels?


What happens to the snow melt water?

It overtops the river banks and deposits fertile alluvial sediment for the rice and wheat lands of 'Bengal the Golden'

What happens when there is heavy rain?

The soil becomes saturated leading to surface runoff

What is the monsoon called?

The South East Monsoon of Bangladesh

When does the monsoon occur?

Between June and September

How much rain is received between November and April?


How much rain is received in the months of summer?


What is the problem is straightening sections of the river to control flooding?

The problem is moved downstream

What dam has caused issues?

The Farraka dam

What does the dam do?

It holds back water in the dry season and releases it into Bangladesh during the wet season

Why is the dam's release unexpected?

Poor relations with India

What has impacted flooding in the upper drainage basin?

Deforestation in Nepal

What is the rate of land clearance due to deforestation?


Why has the land clearance impacted flooding?

Increased surface runoff as trees are not holding water

A single oak tree can use up to 150 gallons on water in warm weather

Where has urbanisation occurred?

The capital, Dhaka

Why may climate change affect Bangladesh?

A sea level raise of 30-50cm will make Bangladesh flood even more

What are barsha floods good for?

The growing of crops in different water depths both for themselves and exports

How many species of fish live in Bangladesh's freshwater rivers?


Why are fish important?

A source of protein and income

How does flooding help fishing?

It extends the aquatic ecosystem by creating breeding ponds and pools

What fishing near the coast provides employment for many?

Prawn fishing

What can be found under the ground?

Aquifers which hold water and can be used with wells for water

What flood example is used for figures?

1998 flooding

When did the flooding occur?

October, 1998

What percentage of the land was covered during this flood?


How many homes were destroyed?


How many people were forced to flee?


How many people were affected across Bangladesh?


What age groups were most vulnerable?

The young and old

How many roads were washed away?


What was the economic impact estimated at?

£1 billion

What crop was almost completely destroyed?