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Which of the following best describes a winch that has a drum with a shaft that extends far enough to take gypsy heads in one or both sides?

Combination winch

What is the normal number of speeds on an electric winch powered by direct current?

Three to five in each direction

Which of the following winches has a wide speed range, fine control, and smooth acceleration?


In amphibious operations and salvage work, what type of winch provides a portable working unit?


What two types of clutches are installed on winches?

Drum and speed

Which of the following devices locks the clutch lever in position on a winch?

Locking pin or Spring loaded Pawl

To prevent free wheeling of the drums, the winch operator must always set the drum brake before he/she

Puts the speed clutch in neutral

The running rigging must always be inspected before you use a winch because a whip that is loose on its drum can cause which of the following casualties?

All of the above

Before using a winch gypsy head, what operation must a winch operator perform?

Disengage the drum from the shaft

How can you help prevent a load from swinging when picking it up from the hold or deck?

Drag or touch up the load until it is directly under the head of the boom

On heavy or unwieldy loads, what is the minimum number of steadying lines you should use?


As you operate the winches, you may move the load at your own discretion when your signalman gives the signal for


Sled pallets were developed for what type of operation?


Which of the following types of cargo-handling gear should be used for hoisting crushable cargo?

Box pallet

What should be used with cargo net if the backers are too short to fit over the hook?

Cargo net shorteners

Straps for handling cargo that are the same size and length should have their eyes painted a distinctive, matching color


Which of the following types of hoisting gear is best for handling pipe?

Chain sling or choker

Which of the following bridles or slings should be used to handle uncased automobiles?

Special bridle with hook that fits the wheels

What piece of equipment is used in conjunction with a cargo net for handling ammunition and crated bombs?

Salmon board

The hand hook is used primarily for

Turning crates and bales

Which of the following types of cargo should NOT be handled with hand hooks?


If rollers are used for moving a heavy piece of cargo, the rollers must be

Long enough to pass completely under the item to be moved

Which of the following types of clamps provides a temporary pad to secure a fairlead block or hang a tackle or chain hoist?

Beam clamp

Which of he following types of save-all is the most commonly used in working general cargo?

Rope or nylon web net

What procedure should you use to break a hand truck over after it has been loaded?

Place one foot on the second crosspiece and pull the handle down

The primary situation where you would use a pallet truck is

Where space is too small for a forklift truck

What is the usual capacity of the low lift pallet truck?

2 to 3 tons

Cargo is loaded aboard a ship according to a precise plan made up by which of the following officers?

Cargo officer and officer designated

How a ship is loaded depends on its mission. A ship scheduled for an amphibious operation is loaded so that

Items that will be needed first are at the top of the load

How should underway replenishment ships be loaded?

To capacity with passageways providing access to all items in the hold

In the storage of cargo, dunnage provides which of the following benefits?

All of the above

In what direction should the first layer of dunnage be placed?

In direction that will allow moisture to flow toward the drains

Which of the following procedures should you follow when stowing cases and cartons in a hold?

Start forward and work aft

What must you do when you are stacking small boxes on top of larger boxes?

Stack boxes using brick wall method

Which of the following types of cartons or cases do not require dunnage floors unless greater stability is desired in the stack?

Tight wooden cartons or cases of the same size

Where should crates ( open framework containers) be stowed in a hold?

In the top tiers of the lower hold

How many strips of dunnage should be laid over every row of drums to prevent damage to the chines


Which of the following practices should you AVOID when loading bagged cargo?

Placing a bagged cargo against bulkheads

When stowing vehicles, what is the minimum amount of space that should be left between them?

4 to 6 inches

What are amphibious ships outfitted with to make it easier for them to handle vehicles?


Which of the following materials should NEVER be used to secure vehicles?

Fiber line

Deck cargo is stowed in a number of blocks at each hatch. How many blocks are there, usually?


By what method, if any would you secure cargo for an amphibious operation?

With wire net shoring

What is used to secure the wire net shoring system and provide tension around the cargo?

Racket tensioning devices

What is primary problem in securing cargo to deck?

Lack of padeyes and cleats

What position should you take when steadying a load?

Face the load

Where should shores normally be placed to secure large, high stacks of deck cargo?

Arthwartships, forward, and aft

Where should you stand, when using a dragline to move cargo?

Clear of the throw of the block and hook