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Named insured; spouse; relative of either; any person under the age of 21 in their care


The building described on the coverage page


The land contained within the lot lines on which the dwelling is situated

Coverage A - Dwelling Building

Dwelling and attached structures

Permanently installed outdoor equipment

Outdoor swimming pools and attached equipment

Materials and supplies located on or adjacent to the premises

Coverage B - Detached Structures

Detached garage/shed/greenhouse

Coverage C - Personal Property

On Premises coverage: contents of the insured(s) dwelling. Off Premises coverage: Temporarily off premises, anywhere in the world.

Coverage D - Additional Living Expenses

Costs "Over and Above" what it would normally have cost the insured to maintain their normal standard of living.

Fair Rental Value

Rental income lost due to damage from an insured peril.

Moving to Another Home

Coverage provided for up to 30 consecutive days, or the date of expiry, whichever comes first.

Freezer Food. Up to $2,000 for food contained in a freezer when loss is due to:

Power Failure: except for operation of circuit breakers or fuses; accidental or intentional disconnection of the power supply.

Mechanical Breakdown.

Lock Replacement

Up to $500 to replace or rekey the locks on insureds dwelling. Only available when keys have been stolen and reported to authorities.

Tear Out

Coverage for the repair of walls, ceilings or other parts of insured buildings which must be torn apart before water damage from pipes or domestic appliances can be repaired.

Credit Cards

Up to $1,000 coverage for amounts billed to the insured resulting from theft or unauthorized use. Cannot be residents of insureds household or persons to whom the card has been entrusted.

Replacement Cost

Repair or replace the property with similar kind and quality

Actual Cash Value

Replacement cost minus depreciation

Homeowners Basic Form (IBC 1151)

Named Perils coverage. Perils Included: Fire, or lightening, explosion (of natural, coal or manufactured gas), smoke (except for smoke from a fireplace)

Homeowners Broad Form (IBC 1153)

Coverage for dwelling and detached private structures is provided on an "all risks" basis. Named Perils coverage provided for personal property.

Homeowners Comprehensive Form (IBC 1155)

Greatest advantage to purchasing this form include: All property owned by the insured is covered on an "all risks" basis; loss or damage caused to both the dwelling and personal property by smoke from a fireplace; collapse of roof from snow load.