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Philosophical and literary movement that believed humans could and should transcend normal human life; they emphasized living a simple life and celebrated the truth found in nature.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The father of transcendentalism
Henry David Thoreau
Transcendentalism student. He practiced self-reliance, simple life, and communed with nature. He lived along at Walden Pond for 2 years.
Hudson River School of Painting
These group of people worried that nature was being destroyed by industrialization and urbanization. They painted scenes of natural landscapes in the west to encourage westward expansion
Winning the most votes in an election
Winning over 50% of votes in an election
This term is used to describe American literature from 1800-1865
Spoils System
Presidents appointed officials based on "patronage" resulting in unqualified or self-motivated appointments
Indian Removal Act
Official policy toward Indians in the early 1800s to give settlers access to more western land. Moved southern tribes to Oklahoma to clear land for cotton.
Worcester vs. Georgia
A supreme court case in which Jackson supported states rights by refusing to enforce supreme's court against Georgia. Jackson refused to protect Cherokee Indians land rights and opened doors to Indian removal to the west
Trail of Tears
The forced removal of Native Americans to the west (Oklahoma). Opened land for economic expansion, but represents one of the most shameful violations of Civil rights in American history
War on B.U.S.
Jackson allowed the recharcter of B.U.S. to expire because the bank favored one section of the country. Jackson instead took out government money and chose state and private banks to put government money in.
PET Banks
Private and State banks in which Jackson chose to store government money.
American System
Re-chartered the Bank of the United States, Passed the tariff of 1816 and made internal improvements
Gibbons vs. Ogden
Established the federal governments power to regulate interstate trade
McCullogh vs. Maryland
Defended B.U.S. and exerted the power of national government over states
John Marshall
A federalist who made rulings to increase federal governments power via the supreme court (He was the chief justice)
Republician Party
The only party in the "Era of Good Feelings"
Missouri Compromise
Missouri admitted as a slave state, Maine admintted as a free state. Also stated that all future states north of 30*60 would be free states (except Missouri)
Monroe Doctrine
Declared western hemisphere closed to European colonization. United States said they'd stay out of European affairs. Warned European powers not to interfere in affairs of the western hempisphere.
Manifest Destiny
God-given right (Clear future)
Gadsden Purchase
The last territory acquried that also completed the expansion of the U.S. as it appears today (without Alaska and Hawaii)
Wilderness Road (Trail)
The first road into the west
This invention by Robert Fulton proved water travel could be efficient and caused Canal building to become popular
A "goldrush" in Sutter's Fort caused 80,000 people to migrate to California
The people who migrated to California due to the goldrush were called this
Stephen F. Austin
This person founded the first Anglo-American (white) colony in Texas
Adams-Onis Treaty
A treaty in 1819 regarding the purchase of Florida from Spain
Guadalupe Treaty
The treaty signed because of Mexico surrendered to ths U.S. in the Mexican War. U.S. would recieve New Mexico and California and Mexico would recieve $15,000,000.
James Polk
A Tennessee Democat who won the presidential election in 1844 with a campaign promise to annex Oregon and Texas
Rio Grande River
The boundary the U.S. claimed as the southern boundary of Texas
Sam Houston
The Texas general who turned the tide on the Mexicans when his 900 rebels went into battle screaming "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!" and they won the Battle of San Jacinto
Since this settlement in 1607, westward-moving frontier marked America's history
Erie Canal
A trade route from the Great Lakes to the Hudson River and Atlantic Ocean, making NYC the nation's leading commerical center.
Oregan Trail
Fertile land began settlers treking 2,000 miles to the Oregan country.
Fertile land watered by many rivers
This is the reason Texas plled many American settlers into Spanish territory.
In 1843, settlers in Oregon Country established a governemnt and demanded to be annexed by the U.S. by this country.
Mexico won its independence from Spain (1821)
This is the reason why "Americanos" were first allowed on the Santa Fe Trail
Brigham Young
In 1847, This person lead the first of 15,000 Mormons to Utah (Momon Trail) to be safe from persecution.
National Road
In 1818 the federal government completed this crushed-stoned road. Unlike most trails, it had a scattering of inns.
Not paying taxes
This is why transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau was imprisoned. He did this to protest of immoral war for slavery (Mexican-American war)
Thomas Cole
The first to paint natural lanscapes because of worry that nature was being destroyed by industrialization and urbanziation (Hudson River School of Painting)
Created a national, "Americanized" language that seperated "American English" from "Oxford English"