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in a woman, erection of the clitoris, engorgement of the labia, and secretion of the Bartholin glands are caused by the sympathetic/parasympathetic
parasympathetic/sympathetic causes orgasm in a woman
steps in oogenesis
-oogonia (mitosis/multiplication)
-primary oocytes - arrested until puberty
-secondary ooctyes - created when a woman starts menstruating
-mature secondary oocytes - arrested in middle of second meiotic division until fertilization
-ova made after sperm penetrates ooctye
isolated oocyte on a mound of granulosa cells; formed from Graafian follicle
cumulus oophorus
granulosa cells around the oocyte
cumulus cells/corona radiata
the ruptured Graafian follicle develops into the ?, which secretes ?
corpus luteum
the corpus luteum is made of converted granulosa cells called ?
luteal cells
3 stages of menstrual cycle
4 phases of the uterus
the proliferative phase is caused by ? secreted by graulosa cells.
the secretory phase is caused by ? secreted by the luteal cells
the ischemic phase is triggered by ? withdrawal, caused by degeneration of the corpus luteum.
hormones in birth control pills; how pills generally work
estrogen, progesterone

suppress LH surge by maintaining elevated levels of estrogen
how does mifepristone (RU-486) work?
binds to progesterone receptors so that the body thinks no progesterone is present; uterine lining sloughs off as a consequence, and the baby goes with it
define menopause.
a woman's last menstrual period.
what therapies reduce bone lost in women with osteoporosis?
estrogen, calcitonin, biphosphonates (inhibit osteclasts)
what treatment "tricks the system," triggering osteoblasts to build bone but not leaving time to stimulate osteoclasts?