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se passer
to happen
arriver à qqn
to happen to someone
avoir lieu
to happen/take place
savoir + inf.
know/know how to
savoir + noun (passé composé)
to find out/to learn
pouvoir + inf.
to be able to
pouvoir + inf. (passé composé)
to succeed in
vouloir + inf.
to want
vouloir + inf. (passé composé)
to try to
vouloir + inf. (passé composé negative)
to refuse to
se rappeller + qqn/chose
se souvenir de + qqn/chose
to remember
venir de + inf.
to have just (present)
had just (imperfect)
commencer à + inf
begin to do
finir de + inf
finish doing something
commencer par + inf./noun
begin by doing something/begin with something
finir par + inf/noun
end up by doing something/end up with something
servir à + inf
to be used for
se servir de + qqch
to use
penser à
to think about/have mind on
penser de
to think about/have an opinon on
penser + inf
to intend
to leave (behind)
to leave behind in a certain place
s'en aller
to leave/go away
to leave/go away
to leave/go out of a building/go on a date
se rendre compte de + qqch
to realize/understand
realize/carry out/attain
attendre + qqn/chose
to wait for
s'attendre à qqch
to expect
s'attendre à + inf
to expect
s'attendre à + ce que + subject + verb in subjunctive
to expect
entendre dire que + subject + verb
to hear that
entendre parler de + qqn/chose
to hear about
l'un(e) l'autre, les un(es) les autres
each other