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the synthesis of RNA on a DNA template
messenger Rna(mRNA)
a type of rna, synthesized from dna, that attaches to ribosomes in the cytoplasm and specifies the primary structure of a protein
synthesis of a polypeptide using the genetic info encodede in a mRNA molecule. there is a change of "language" from the nucleotides to amino acids
organelle-site of protein synthesis
RNA processing
modification of RNA before it leaves the nucleus, a process unique to eukaryotes
primary transcript
initial rna transcript, also called pre-mRNA when transcrribed from a protein-coding gene
tripled code
a set of 3 nucleotide long words the specify the amino acids for polypeptide chains
template strand
DNA strand that provides the template for ordering the sequence of nucleotides in a RNA sequence
reading frame
the way a cell's mrna translating machinery groups the mrna nucleotides into codons
RNA Polymerase
an enzyme that links together the growing chaing of ribonucleotides during transcription