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def in size or # of RBC OR amt hemoglobin they contain that limits exchange of O2 & CO2 b/w blood/tissues
aplastic anemia
normochromic-normocytic anemia accompanied by def of all formed elements in blood; caused by exposure to toxic chem, ionizing radiation, meds, unknown
iron apoferritin complex; one of the chief storage forms of iron
volume percentage of erythrocytes in the blood
heme iron
organic form that comes from meat, fish, poultry
genetically determined form of iron overload that results in progressive hepatic, pancreatic, cardiac and other other organ damage
conjugated protein containing 4 heme groups and globin; oxygen-carrying pigment of erythrocytes
hemolytic anemia
amenia caused by shortened survival of mature RBC
peptide hormone made in liver; principal regulator of systemic iron homeostasis; controls plasma iron [ ] & tissue distribution of iron by inhibiting intestinal iron absorption, iron recycling by macrophages, and iron mobilization from hepatic stores
holotranscobalamin II
vitamin B12 attached to the beta-globulin, the major circulating vitamin B12 delivery protein
characterized by deficient hemoglobin content of RBC
intrinsic factor
glycoprotein secreted by gastric glands that is necessary for absorption of exogenous vitamin B12 by ileal cell surface receptors for IF-B12 complexes
iron def anemia
production of small erythrocytes and diminished level of circulating hemoglobin; the last stage of iron deficiency which represents the end point of a long period of iron deprivation
macrocytic anemia
larger-than-normal RBC and increased mean corpuscular volume and mean corpuscular hemoglobin
meat, fish and poultry factor
good sources of well absorbed heme iron
megaloblastic anemia
smaller-than-normal erythrocytes and less circulating hemoglobin; characteristic of iron def and thalassemia
neg vit B12 bal
vit B12 pre-deficiency stage
non-heme iron
iron that is not part of hemem complex
eggs, grains, vegetables, fruits
sm amts fish, meat, poultry
pernicious anemia
macrocytic, megaloblastic anemia caused by deficiency of vit B12, secondary to lack of IF
liquid portion of whole blood that includes coagulation factors
liquid portion of whole blood that includes coagulation factors
iron containing portion of the respiratory pigments that when combined w/protein, forms hemoglobin or myoglobin
liquid portion of whole blood w/o coagulation factors
sickle cell anemia
chronic hemolytic anemia, occurring most commonly in blacks
caused by homozygous inheritance of hemoglobin S
defective hemoglobin synthesis that causes RBC to be sickle shaped
sideroblastic anemia
microcytic, hypochromic anemia characterized by derangement in final pathway of heme synthesis, leading to buildup of iron-containing immature RBC
responsive to pharmacologic doses of B6
soluble serum transferrin receptors
molecules generated on surface of rbc in response to need for iron that have broken away from RBC and are in serum;
measure of early iron deficiency
anemia secondary to defective synthesis of the globin part of hemoglobin
total iron-binding capacity
capacity of transferrin to take on or b/c saturated w/ iron
globulin that binds and transports iron from the gut wall to the tissue cells
transferrin receptor
molecule on surface of RBC that binds transferrin the transport form of iron
transferrin saturation
measure of amt of iron bound to transferrin
gauge of iron supply to tissues
percent saturation 5 serum iron/TIBC x 100