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A group of cells that have specialized structural and functional roles are called what?
What are the four types of tissue?
Which type of tissue is most exposed?
Where are epithelial tissues found? (3)
Covering organs
Inner lining of body cavities
Lines of hollow organs
Is epithelial tissue lightly packed or loosely packed
What do epithelial tissues lack that has to do with getting nutrients?
Blood vessels
How does epithelial tissue get nutrients?
Able to diffuse through underlying tissue
Do epithelial tissue divide fast?
Yes, faster than any other tissue
What is the main function of epithelial tissue?
Be a protective barrier
What is the second function of epithelial tissue?
Secretion, absorption
What type of epithelial tissue is a single layer of flattened cells fit tightly together?
Simple squamous
Is simple squamous easily damaged?
Simple squamous tissue very effective at sites of _____
Which kind of tissue is found lining air sacs in lungs and lining blood vessels
Simple squamous tissue
Where is simple cuboital found?
Covers some glands
What is the function of simple cuboital?
Secretion or creates hormones
Which type of epithelial tissue creates the thickest layer?
Simple columnar
Where is simple columnar found? And why
Stomach, intestines, needs to be thick enough for protection, but thin enough for absorption
What is function of simple columnar?
Protection, usually secretes mucus
What type of epithelial tissue looks like multiple layers but is only one?
Pseudostratified columnar
Which type of epithelial tissue has cilia
Pseudostratified columnar
Where is pseudostratified columnar found? And why
Line respiratory system, because cilia can catch things
What type of epithelial tissue has many layers of flattened cells that replicate quickly?
Stratified squamous
Where is stratified squamous found?
Lining outer layer of skin
Which type of tissue is two or three layers, covers glands
Stratified cuboital
Where is stratified columnar found?
In reproductive tract
What is the function of stratified columnar?
Secretion, protection, get egg and sperm where they need to go
Which type of tissue is found lining the air sacs in lungs, lining inside of blood vessels? Why
Simple squamous, (its very effective for diffusion)
What kind of tissue do you find covering some glands? Why?
Simple cuboital, function is secretion (salvitory glands, thyroid follicles, kidney tubules)
What type of epithelial tissue is found in the stomach and intestines? Why?
Simple columnar (need to be thick enough for protection but thin enough for asorption)
Which type of tissue is found lining the respiratory system? Ey?
Pseudostratified columnar, (cilia catch things that arent supposed to go down lungs)
Which type of tissue forms outer layer of skin? Why?
Stratified squamous (strat. Squam replicates quickly)
Which type of tissue is found covering some glands? And has more than one layer?
Stratified cuboital
Which type of tissue is found in reproductive tract? Why?
Stratified columnar (secretion, protection)
Which type of epithelial tissue is the best for diffusion
Simple squamous
Which type of tissue divides the fastest
Epithelial (stratified squamous)