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Parkingsons disease is a result of
c. inadequate amounts of dopamine from neurons in basal nucleus
Highest level of info proccessing occurs in
a. cerebrum
destruction or damage to lower motor neurons in SNS provoke
b. paralysis of innervated motor nuclei
somatic motor pathways always involved at least _____ motor neurons
a. 2
autonomic motor neurons, cell body lies in the CNS s called
c. preganglionic
sensory neurons located in the thalamus + projected to the sensory cortex in teh cerebrum are ____ neurons
d. third order
tactile receptors includeall except
b. horizontal
tactile receptors that monitor disortions across body surace
e. root hair plexus
sensory receptors respond to change in bllod pressure called
b. baroreceptors
tactile receptors responds to deep pressure
d. ruffini corpuscles
the term general senses refers to all except
b. light
division of ANS maintains homeostasis during respiration
b. parasympathetic
each of the following effects associates with the actions of postganglionic sympathetic fibers
c. decrease heart rate
neurons od sympathetic branch of ANS release neutrons
a. norepinephrine
muscarin receptors
a. are activated by ACh
autonomic tones is an important aspect of to ANS functions because
d. it allows the ANS neuron to increase or decrease activity by providing a range of control option
dcrease in autonomic tone of smooth muscle in blood vessels would result in
a. increase vessel diamteters
which of the following is essential for memory consollidation
c. hippocampus
conscious state depends upon proper function
d. reticular activating system
center of reticular activating system appears to be locate in
a. medulla
state of conciousness which individual can be aroused by a normal stimulus
b. sleep
when eyes dialate and "love at first sight", is by what part of the ANS?
a. sympathetic division
The _____ produce thick secretion that contribute to gritty deposits appear after good night sleep
a. lacrimal corpuscles
taste sensation is sensitive to the presence of amino acids
b. umami
hair cells of utricle and saccule are clusteres in
a. maculae
hair cells of utricle and saccule are clustered in
a. maculae
sensory receptors of semicircular canal located in
a. amplullae
pigment molecule symthesized from vitamin A
a. retinal
neural tunic
b. conains photoreceptors
functions of gustatory receptors parallels
c. olfactory receptors in the nose
whcih of the following special senses relayes directly to the cerebral cortex without going to the thalamus
a. smell
pinkeye is inflammation of
d. conjunctiva
preganglionic fibers from the thoracic and lumbar segments of spinal cord are a part od ____ divison of ANS
b. sympathtic
neuron most likely to be adrenergic
c. postganglionic parasympathtic