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-- A message delivery system
-- A class of carriers such as television, newspapers, or magazines
Media Vehicle
Individual carrier within a medium such as Vogue, Friends, or Dallas Morning News
Media Planning
A decision making process leading to the use of advertising time and space to assist in the achievement of marketing objectives
Media Plan
A persuasive document that communicates the rationale behind a recommendation to spend significant amounts of money
Marketing Strategy Plan
Purpose: To plan activities that will solve one or more of the marketing problems
Creative Strategy Plan
Purpose: To determine what to communicate throughout advertisements
Media Objectives
Goals that a media planner believes are most important in helping to attain marketing objectives
Media Strategy
A series of actions selected from several possible alternatives to best achieve the media objectives
Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results
Ad $ Summary
-- Main listings give brand name, parent company, amount spent on advertising in nine media, and the media used
-- Also lists top 1000 companies by total media spending and top 100 companies by total spending for each ten media
-- Ten media: magazines, Sunday magazines, newspaper outdoor, network TV, spot TV, syndicated TV, cable TV, network radio, and national spot radio
Marketer's Guide to Media
An up-to-date, accurate source of media industry rates, trends and audience demographics for multiple types of media
Standard Rate and Data Service
-- Database of media rates and information, U.S. and international media properties
-- Includes detailed ad rates, dates and contact data
A measurement of people who either say they are sure they have looked into or read a vehicle within a given period of time
Response Function
-- Quantifies the perceived ability of multiple exposures of an ad to elicit a response from the viewer
-- Shows what percent of people who are exposed to an ad various numbers of times are expected to respond to that ad
-- Cost per Thousand
-- The cost to deliver to 1,000 people or homes
>> Calculated by dividing the cost by audience delivery and multiplying the quotient by 1,000
-- Cost per Point
-- Cost of one household or demographic rating point in a given market
>> Calculated by dividing the cost per commercial by the rating
-- Audit Bureau of Circulation
-- Audit and report the circulation of publications at regular intervals
The percent (number) of different people who see an ad at least once
The number of times the average person sees the ad
A convenient term used to assess the degree to which a media vehicle delivers a given target audience
Percentage of media vehicle's audience that is comprised of the target population
-- Households Using Television
-- The total percentage of homes in a market that are watching TV at a given point in time
(Broadcasting) Ratings
-- An estimate of the percentage of audience who has actually viewed a program or has tined in during a specific time
>> Calculated as a percentage of total population base
Average Audience Rating
The percentage of homes (or people) tuned in to the average minutes of the program
Share of Audience
The percentage of homes tined into a program based only on those homes that had their TVs turned on rather than all television homes
-- Gross Rating Points
-- The sum of rating percentage
>> Calculated by multiplying the number of insertions by rating
-- Gross Impressions
-- Gross weight of media
>> Calculated by multiplying GRPs by target audience base
Effective Frequency
The amount of frequency (or repetition) the planner judges to be necessary for advertisements to be effective in communicating
Effective Reach
The percentage of the target exposed at the frequency level that is effective in the media planner/s judgement
Target Audience
Group of people whom the advertising is attempting to influence
Sales Analysis