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What is the Layout?

The orderly arrangement of all the copy and artwork, "to make it look appealing to the people"

Headlines and illustrations are the most likely elements of a print ad to stop the reader- "grab their attention"

Visual vs. Verbal:

Shift from heavy reliance on copy

Greater emphasis on visual

Visual= Broad image

Copy= Main point

*Both must work together*

What are the illustration tasks?

Attention for the headline

Convey broad ideas

Feeling and emotions

Tell a story

What is the Illustration Contents?

Product alone- when product is unique enough to be on it's own

Product in use- good way to show benefits

Charts, tables, graphs - more effective, quicker/easier to comprehend

Dramatization of product features

Ex: Tiffany & CO- Blue Box

What are the four elements of design?

Balance, Focal Point, Eye Movement, and Unity

What is the balance?

Aesthetically pleasing

Equality of an ad's elements horizontally and vertically

Everything must be equally distributed to work

Visually appealing look to audience

What is the Focal point?

The single element that draws the reader into the ad

Only one focal point per ad

Main idea, Big picture

What are the two types of Focal points?

Copy- headline

Visual- illustration or photo

What is the eye movement in design?

The manner in which the eye reads an ad

"upper left to lower right" "easy layout'

Ex: Z

What is the gaze motion in eye movement?

Created by a layout that purposely break the natural eye movement

"creates disruption, eyes, limbs, structures"

What is the Unity in design?

The extent to which all elements of an ad tie together

Continuity in a campaign

How well do they go together

"All ads, pictures, font, models, clothes must come together to make an ad successful"

What are the types of Layouts?

Picture window (standard), Poster, and Copy Heavy

What is the picture window?



Body Copy "extensive copy and large illustration"

What is the poster?

Bold visual- "<-dominated by" "emotional type ad"

Creates mood, image, feeling

Very limited copy

Louis Vuitton no copy just classy purse

What is the Copy Heavy?

Dominated by extensive copy

Little or no visual support

Serious and involving topics