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Brand Loyalty
The Consumer's conscious or unconscious decision expressed through intention or behavior to repurchase a brand continually.
Cognitive Dissonance
The theory where people try to justify their behavior by reducing the degree of their belief or activity
Elaboration Likelihood Model
A theory of how persuasion occurs. It proposes that the method of persuasion depends on level of involvement.
Evoked Set
A certain group of alternative goods or services a consumer considers when making a buying decision.
Hierarchy of needs
Maslow's theory, Essential needs are fulfilled first before the less important ones
The basic often instinctive, human forces that motivate us to do something
Needs learned during a person's lifetime
Interpersonal influences
Social influences that include : family, society, and cultural environment.
Nonpersonal influences
Out of ones control factors that include: time, place, and environment
Our personalized way of sensing and comprehending stimuli
Perceptual screens
The physiological or psychological filters that messages must pass through.
Physiological screens
The perceptual screens that use the 5 senses to detect the dimension and intensity of the physical stimulus
Psychological Screen
The perceptual screens consumers use to evaluate, filter, and personalize info according to subject primarily emotions and personality
Physical data that can be received through the senses.
Account Planner
The person at an ad agency that's responsible for account planning
Consumer Insight
Shows target audience that we care about you and fixing your issue
Corporate Objectives
Goals of the company stated in terms of profit or return on investment
Marketing Objectives
Goals of the marketing effort expressed in terms of a specific market or sales objective
Need-satisfying objectives
A marketing objective that shifts management's view of the organization from a producer of products or services to a satisfier of target market needs
sale-target objective
Marketing objective that relates to a company's sales
Sale-Target Objectives Could be expressed in...?
Sales by product
Market segment
Customer type
Market Share
Growth Rate of Sales Volume
Gross Profit
Qualitative research
Research that tries to determine market variables according to attitudes, beliefs, and lifestyle
Quantitative Research
Research that tries to determine market variables according to hard reliable stats about a specific market situation on condition
Recall Tests
A posttesting method used to determine the extent to which a ad has been noticed, read, or watched
Research Process Step 1
Situation analysis and problem definition
Research Process Step 2
Informal (exploratory) research
Research Process Step 3
Construction of research objectives
Research Process Step 4
Formal Research
Research Process Step 5
Interpretation and reporting of findings
A part of the population that researchers select to reflect part the whole target audience
Results must be free of bias and reflect the true status of the market
Test must be completely repeatable
Brand Messages
Messages that influences a stakeholder's opinion on that particular brand
Types of Brand Messages
Planned Messages
Product Messages
Service Messages
Unplanned Messages
Planned Messages
The traditional marketing communication messages such as advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, merchandising materials, publicity releases, event sponsorships
Product Messages
Messages from the product, price, or distribution elements. Have a great impact
Service Messages
Messages that result from employee interactions with customers
Unplanned Messages
Messages that the company has no control over
Advertising pyramid
Action -> Desire -> Conviction -> Comprehension -> Awareness
Percentage of Sales Method
A budget thats based on last years sales or next years projected earnings. One of the most popular
Percentage of Profit
Percentage is applied to profit either past years' or anticipated
Unit of Sale
A specific dollar amount is set for each box, case, barrel, or carton produced
Competitive parity
Allocates dollars according to the amounts spent by major competitors
Share of market/share of voice
Allocates dollars by maintaining a percentage share of total industry advertising comparable to or somewhat ahead of desired share of market
Defining objectives, determining strategy, and estimating the cost to execute that strategy
Empirical Research
Companies run tests in different markets to determine the most efficient amount
Quantitative mathematical models
Computer based programs that rely on input of data
All available funds
Go for broke technique used mostly buy small firms with limited capital trying to introduce new products
When a person buys a product from the company or returns it
The happiness level obtained by the customer after buying a product or service
First Step of Advertising Planning
Organize information from the marketing plan's situation analysis into a SWOT analysis
A type of planning that
Marketing Mix
The Product, the Price, and the Place
Situation Analysis
A factual statement of the Organization's current situation and how it got there
What the ad or company is trying to achieve
How the company will reach its goal
How the company will execute its strategy
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
Top Down Analysis
The traditional planning process with 4 main elements: Situation analysis, Marketing Objectives, Marketing Strategy, and Tactics
5 Presentation Components of Selling Power
Strategic Precision, Savvy Psychology, Polished Presentation, Solve the problem.
Art Direction
The act or process of managing the visual presentation of the commercial or ad
A process in which two or more people team up to generate new ideas
Characteristics of great ads
Succinct and single-minded, Simple, and tight
Concept Transformation
Adapt, Reverse, Compare, Parody, Imagine, Connect
Creative Brief
The creative guide for writing and producing the advertisements
Creative Pyramid
A model that can guide the creative team as it converts the advertising strategy into the big idea for the ad
Creative Concept Research
Analyze Situation & Define Problem
Conduct Informal (Exploratory) Research
Establish Research Objectives
Conduct formal Research
Interpret & Report Findings
Fact Based Thinking
Prefer facts and figures
Not comfortable with ambiguous situations
Like logic, structure, and efficiency
Analyze situation to find best solution
Trial Close
Gives the customer an option to make their buying decision early
Tells the consumer to do something pertaining to their product
The words in the leading position in the advertisement
Headline Types
Benefit headlines
News/Informative Headlines
Provocative Headlines
Question Headline
Command Headline
Benefit headlines
Promise the reader that the product being advertised is worthwhile
News/informative Headlines
A headline that announces news or promises information
Provocative headlines
Used to provoke the reader's curiosity
A question headline
Asks a question encouraging the reader to search for the answer in the body of the ad
Command Headline
Ordering the reader to do something
A plan that imposes order
Print Layout
Print Layout Types
Montage layout
Mondrain Grid
Picture Window
Circus Layout
Copy Heavy
Rebus Layout
Principles of Design or CRAP
Contrast & White Space
Alignment and balance
Radio Script
Format for radio and television copy writing resembling a two column list showing dialogue and or visuals
A Tag Line that connects the slogan to the product
A premade sheet containing blank frames that will basically map the ad out
An additional smaller headline that may appear abover the headline or below it
A rough rapidly produced pencil sketch that is used for trying out ideas
Pencil sketch of a proposed design or layout
A 3D handmade layout of the ad or product that will look the same at release
Comprehensive Layout (Comp)
A exact copy of a finished ad with copy set in position along with the proposed illustrations.
TV Formats
Straight announcement
Slice of life
Life Style
Straight Announcement
Type of ad where a person just speaks a message to the camera
The person who's talking has a different personality that what it seems
When the ad demonstrates what the product can do.
The Musical
When everybody in the ad is singing about the product
The lifestyle
When the ad shows how the product relates to a certain demographic
The Animation
Any type of animation. Mainly for children
The Testimonial
When the ad shows testimonials of the people that have used the product or service
The Slice of Life
When the ad shows the product and part of a persons daily life