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Ho Chi Minh

leader of the Vietnamese communist


League of Independence for Vietnam

domino theory

fear that if one nation fell to Communism, all would fall

Dien Bien Phu

French defeated at this site

Geneva Accords

divided Vietnam along the 17th parallel

Ngo Dinh Diem

South Vietnam's president

Viet Cong

Communist guerrillas in South Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Trail

supply route for North Vietnamese in Cambodia

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

gave the President nearly complete control over the military actions in Vietnam

Robert McNamara

Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War

Dean Rusk

Secretary of State during Vietnam War

General William Westmoreland

American commander of forces in Vietnam

Army of the Republic of Vietnam

South Vietnamese Army


gasoline based bomb

Agent Orange

leaf killing toxic chemical

search and destroy missions

uprooting civilians with suspected ties to the Vietcong, killing livestock, and burning villages

credibility gap

gap between what Johnson administration reported and what was really happening


Selective Service System

New Left

growing youth movement

Students for a Democratic Society(SDS)

claimed that corporations and large government institutions had taken over America

Free Speech movement

grew out of clashes between college administrations and students


opposed the war and U.S. should withdraw


U.S. should unleash its full military force against North Vietnam

Tet Offensive

large scale Vietcong attack on towns and cities during Tet New Year celebration

Clark Clifford

Secretary of Defense in 1968

Robert Kennedy

1968 presidential candidate killed by an assassin's bullet

George Wallace

3rd party candidate for president in 1968

Eugene McCarthy

1968 candidate who promised to end the war

Hubert Humphrey

1968 Democratic candidate

Richard Nixon

Republican candidate for president in 1968, eventual winner

Henry Kissinger

national security advisor who advised Nixon to replace our troops with South Vietnamese troops- Vietnamization


replace our troops with South Vietnamese troops

Silent majority

moderate, mainstream Americans who supported the war

My Lai

massacre of innocent civilians

Kent State University

National guard troops fired on student protesters

Pentagon Papers

revealed lies about the governments role in Vietnam

War Powers Act

set rules for president and how they could engage the enemy