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Cardiac box borders?
Clavicles, nipples, xiphoid
Most common arrhythmia (1) and cause of death (2) in myocardial contusion
1. SVT
2. V tach, V fib (within in the first 24hrs), should be monitored
Next step after bloody perdicardial tap in trauma...
1. Pericardial window
2. Sternotomy to fix injury to the heart, place pericardial drain
Where is the ligamentum arteriosum?
Just distal to the subclavian takeoff
Operative approach for injury to the ___
1. Distal right subclavian
2. Innominate artery
3. Ascending aorta
1. Clavicular incision
2. Median sternotomy
3. Median sternotomy
Operative approach for injury to the ___
4. Prox right subclavian
5. Descending aorta
6. Left subclavian
4. Median sternotomy
5. Left thoracotomy
6. Left thoracotomy
Who gets a cardiac contusion?
blunt trauma, sternal fractures
Anterior pelvic fractures have more ___ bleeding while posterior pelvic fractures have more ___ bleeding.
Anterior -- venous
Posterior --arterial
You perform a Kocher maneuver at laparotomy and open the lesser sac. What findings would mandate inspection of the entire duodenum?
fat necrosis
When do you resect instead of repair a small bowel laceration?
>50% of circumference or if your repair results in a lumen diameter 1/3 of normal, or if many lacerations close together
What nerve or artery could be damaged?
1. anterior shoulder dislocation
2. posterior shoulder dislocation
1. axillary nerve
2. axillary artery
What nerve or artery could be damaged?
1. proximal humerus?
2. midshaft humerus
3. distal (supracondylar) humerus
1. axillary nerve
2. radial nerve
3. brachial artery (can result in Volkman's contracture)
What nerve or artery could be damaged?
1. Anterior hip dislocation
2. Posterior hip dislocation
1. Femoral artery
2. Sciatic nerve
What nerve or artery could be damaged?
1. Distal femur?
2. Fibular neck
3. Posterior knee dislocation
1. Popliteal artery
2. Common peroneal nerve
3. Popliteal artery
Compartment syndrome: list the Ps in order
Pulselessness (late finding)
Compartment pressures in compartment syndrome
>20mm Hg or based on clinical exam
Hard signs of vascular injury (go to OR)
audible bleeding, bruit, thrill, distal ischemia, pulsatile hematoma
Moderate/soft signs of vascular injury (go to angio)
hx of bleeding, deficit of anatomically related nerve, large hematoma, ABI <0.9
Describe your surgical approach for 4 compartment trauma fasciotomy
Incisions are made on medial (anterior, lateral compartments) and lateral (posterior superficial & deep) aspects of the calf on both legs.