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pathology of the mind
Abnormal psychology
application of psychological science to the study of mental disorders
general term that refers to several types of severe mental disorders in which the person is considered to be out of contact with reality
a group of symptoms that appear together and are assumed to represent a specific type of disorder
Harmful dysfunction
a concept used in one approach to the definition of mental disorder; a condition can be considered a mental disorder if it causes some harm to the person and if the condition results from the inability of some mental mechanism to perform its natural function
values, beliefs, and practices that are shared by a specific community or group of people
scientific study of frequency and distribution of disorders within a population
number of new cases of a disorder that appear in a population during a specific period of time
total number of active cases, both old and new, that are present in population during a specific period of time
Lifetime prevalence
total proportion of people in a given population who have been affected by the disorder at some point during their lives
presence of more than one condition within the same period of time
Case study
in-depth look at the symptoms and circumstances surrounding one person’s mental disturbance
any new prediction made by an investigator
Null hypothesis
alternative to the experimental hypothesis