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What are A, B, C and D together? What are their individual names?

cranial bones
A - frontal bone
B - parietal bone
C - occipital bone
D - temporal bone
Name B through E
B - zygomatic bone
C - maxilla
D - nasal bone
E - lacrimal bone
What are A, B and C together? What are their individual names?
A - frontal/coronal suture
B - lambdoidal suture
C - squamosal suture
Name A and B
A - sagittal suture
B - frontal/coronal suture
Name A and B
A - mastoid process of temporal bone
B - external auditory meatus
Name A and B
A - occipital condyles
B - foramen magnum
What is A?
A - sella turcica of the sphenoid
What is A?
crista galli of ethmoid
What are A?
A - infraorbital foramen of maxilla
What is the bone? What are A, B and C?
A - mental foramen
B - coronoid process
C - condylar process
What are A, B and C together? What are their individual names?
A - sphenoidal
B - maxillary
C - frontal
What are these? What are A, B, and C? What are 1 and 2?
A - cervical vertebra
B - thoracic vertebra
C - lumbar vertebra
1 - Atlas (C1)
2 - Axis (C2)
what kind of vertebra is this?
What bone is this?
Atlas (C1)
What bone is this? What is A?
Axis (C2)
A - dens
What type of vertebra is this? Name A, B, D and E.
thoracic vertebra
A - spinous process
B - transverse process
D - vertebral foramen
E - body
Which vertebra is this? What are A, C, D and E.
lumbar vertebra
A - spinous process
C - transverse process
D - vertebral foramen
E - body
What is A and B?
A - coccyx
B - sacrum
What bone is this?
What are A, B, C and D?
A - sternum
B - true rib
C - false rib
D - costal cartilage
What is this entire bone called? What are A, B and C.
A - manubrium
B - body
C - xiphoid process
what is this bone?
What is A and B?
A - approximate location of posterior fontanel in fetus
B - approximate location of anterior fontanel in fetus
The crista galli of the ethmoid bone is the attachment site for what?
the dura mater, outer covering of the brain
the olfactory foramina are found where?
on the ethmoid
between the coronoid process and the condylar process, which is for muscular attachment and which is for articulation?
the coronoid is for muscular attachment and the condylar is for articulation
what are sutures made of?
dense connective tissue
what are the functions of the sinuses?
warm/moisten air
make skull lighter
voice resonance
where does the hyoid bone sit?
above the larynx
what is the hyoid bone used for?
in swallowing and speech
is the hyoid bone for articulation or muscular attachment?
muscular attachment
what muscle attaches to the xiphoid process?
restus abdominus
how many ribs attach to the manubrium
the first rib
what does the manubrium articulate with?
the clavical
what does the body of the sternum articulate with?
how many true ribs are there?


how many false ribs are there?


how many floating ribs are there?

Name A and B

A - anteriolateral fontanel
B - posteriolateral fontanel