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Lysosome (function)

Digestive enzymes > break down nutrients & dead cell parts

Ribosome (function)

Where proteins are made

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER) (function)

Folds (changes proteins shape) & processes (adds carbohydrate chains) proteins made at the ribosome

Smooth endoplasmic reticulum (function)

Synthesises (makes them) & processes (adds carbohydrate chains) lipids

Golgi apparatus (function)

- Processes (adds/removes carbohydrate chains) & packages proteins & lipids

- makes lysosomes

Mitochondria (function)

aerobic respiration > produces ATP

Cytoplasm (define)

- contains enzymes & solutes

- dissolved mineral ions, nutrients & waste

Centrioles (function)

Involved in separation of chromosomes during mitosis

Cell membrane (function)

Controls what goes...

into cell, nutrients e.g. glucose

& our of cell, waste e.g. carbon dioxide

Nucleus (function)

- controls cell activity

- DNA > instructions for making proteins

- nucleolus makes ribosomes

Lysosomes (define)

- round organelle

- membrane bound

Ribosome (define)

- very small organelle

- made up of proteins & RNA

- NOT membrane bound

RER (define)

- covered with ribosomes

- system if membranes enclosing a fluid filled space

SER (define)

- NOT covered in ribosomes

- system if membranes enclosing a fluid filled space

Golgi apparatus (define)

- grp of fluid filled membrane bound flattened sacs

- vesicles at edges

Mitochondria (define)

- oval (round) shaped

- double membrane bound

- inner membrane folded to form cristae structures

- inside inner membrane is the matrix (contains enzymes involved in respiration)

Centriole (define)

- small, hollow, cylinders made of microtubules (tiny protein cylinders)

Nucleus (define)

- nuclear envelope (double membrane) which contains many pores

- nucleus containing chromatin (made from DNA & proteins)

- nucleolus

Cytoplasm (function)

Involved in metabolic reactions

What is the difference between the nucleus & nucleolus (bonus Qu)

1. Nucleus is a membrane bound organelle whilst the nucleolus is not

2. Nucleus is an organelle whilst the nucleolus is a sub-organelle

3. Nucleus contains lots of DNA whilst the nucleolus contains lots of RNA

Nucleolus (structure)

Made of RNA & proteins

Nucleolus (function)

Making rRNA from RNA