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Which isn't a coastal city: Taipei,Taiwan; Tuni, Tunisia; Miami, Florida; Oslo, Norway?
Oslo, Norway
What water bodies form the coastlines of Africa?
Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Arabian Sea
Do more rivers flow in the Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean?
Atlantic Ocean
What are the names of the 13 original states?
Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Masachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island
What sea is directly south of China?
South China Sea
What is the quickest way to get by ship from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean?
Throught the Suez Canal
What countries on the South American continent are landlocked?
Bolivia and Paraguay
What is the capital of the country that is nearly surrounded by India and has a coastline on the Bay of Bengal?
What archipelago has Jakarta as its capital?
What is the difference between a gulf and a peninsula
Gulf - water partly surrounded by land
Peninsula - land that extends into water
Where would you be swimming if you were at 0 degree and 50 degrees N?
English Channel
What sea is found between New Zealand and Australia?
Tasmen Sea
What 3 countries have larger land areas than the United States?
Canada, Russia, China
Of the states with "New" in their names, which one comes last alphabetically?
New York
What is the capital of the country whose western border is Haiti?
Santo Domingo
Baffin is the 5th largest island in the world by land area. Where is it located?
Northeast Canada
To which continent does Central America belong?
North America
What body of water is east of Italy?
Adriatic Sea
Which continent has the smallest border on the Atlantic Ocean?
What continent is next to the smallest in land area?
Which has a higher elevation: Greenland or Australia?
On which continent is the Caspian Sea located?
What is the capital of the country whose northern border is Brazil and western border is Argentina?
What is the capital of the country that has the longest border with Honduras?