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3 factors involved in production of acne
1. excessive sebum production from androgenic hormone stimulation

2. abnormal follicular keratinization --> comedo formation, pilosebaceous duct obstruction

3. Prolif. of Propionibacterium that can convert lipids in sebum to FFAs --> incite inflamm
Acne Vulgaris

What is a closed comedone?

What is an open comedone?
closed = whitehead (1-2mm)

open = blackhead (2-3m) = papule clogged by follicle contents
Infection of the superficial layers of epidermis by dermatophyte fungi (microsporum, tricophyton, and epidermophton) or by malassezia furfur
a. patchy hair loss, scaling, black dot in scalp of kids
b. erythematous, annular, or arciform lesion with well defined scaly/vesicular border, central clearing
c. on groin or buttocks
d. interdigital scaling and maceration
e. discoloration and thickening of nail plate, subungual hyperkeratotic debris
a. tinea capitis
b. tinea corporis
c. tinea cruris
d. tinea pedis
e. tinea unguium
Erythematous hypo or hyperpigmentated patch with with slight desquamation on back or chest

-KOH shows short hyphae and spores
Tinea versicolor
How do you diagnose dermatophytosis?
KOH of sclaes from lesion - see septate hyphae
Intraepidermal tumor caused by HPV
-black specks of pigment from thrombosed capillary loops
-most often acral areas
common warts (verruca vulgaris)

finger like slender projection on face or neck
filiform wart

small, flesh-to-tan papules on face, neck, extensor upper extremities

flat warts

thick skin of sole
plantar warts

moist areas like genital or perianal skin

most common STD
condyloma acuminata
Flesh-to-pearly white, waxy papules withcentral dell, found on face and flxures of children (or genital of adults)

caused by poxvirus

molluscum contagiosum
Patient has a painful red wheal (fades in 24 hrs)

what did he get bitten by
bees, wasps, yellow jackets
delayed systemic allergic rxn = uritcaria, polyarthritis, lymphadenopathy

result of what kind of bite
bee, wasp. yellow jacket
patient has wheals with 2 hemorrhagic puncta, evolve into pustules in hours

bitten by what?
fire ants
Patient has pruritic, swollen papular wheals develop within hours

bitten by what
Patient has grouped urticarial papules, some with puncta, often on legs

bitten by what
-small tan, waxy papules that become dark brown or black
-greasy, verrucous surface, well-defined border
-"stuck on" appearance
-can have keratin pearls or horn cysts in lesions
-face, chest, back
seborrheic keratosis
multiple, small, darkly pigmented papules seen on the cheeks and periorbital areas of black, Hispanic, and Asian patients
dermatosis papulosa nigra
Important condition you must rule out to diagnose seborrheic keratosis

if seborrheic keratosis arises abruptly and in crops, what might this signify
Skin cancer (melanoma)

internal malignancy
Contact dermatitis

sharp margins
acute angles
linear patterns

suggest what?
exposure to external agents
2 types of contact dermatitis
irritant (80%) - erythema, blisters --> dry, thickened, fissured pattern
allergic (20%) --> delayed hypersensitivity with redness, vesiculation with oozing and crusting
patient exposed to sun, now has
-thinning, loss of elasticity of skin

photo aging

thick, yellow, wrinkeled sking
solar elastosis

thinning, fine wrinkling of skin

discrete raised papules with rough keratotic scaly texture, pre-malignant
actinic keratosis

yellow papules that may coalesce into plaques
solar elastosis of papulonodular type