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Describe the Nile River:
-it was the giver and taker of life
-it gave water to the crops
-it also flooded them
-there was vegetation up to 5 miles on each side
Name some important facts about the Nile River:
-it flows northward to southward
-it is the longest river in the world
How did the Nile River help the Egyptian people?
It irrigated their crops, provided a way to transport people and goods, and it also gave people fresh water to drink.
What made the calendar so important to the Egyptians?
It told them when flooding season was.
When did Egyptians figure out that the Nile always flooded?
Between May and September.
How did the understanding of the flooding cycle of the Nile help people thrive?
People knew when to irrigate crops.
Who were the kings who unified the two kingdoms of Egypt?
Menes, Scorpion, and Narmer
Describe the Egyptian religion:
Egyptians believed in many gods, they built pyramids for the dead pharaohs (afterlife).
What led to the knowledge of decoding hieroglyphics?
Rosetta stone---
What made the Egyptian economy so prosperous?
What did the farmers do while the Nile was flooding?
They worked on pyramids.
How were the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians similiar?
-both had form of writing
-both polytheism
(worship many gods)
How is the land in Nubia different from the land of Egypt?
Nubia has tall cliffs of granite rocks.
Describe the Nubians:
-worship many gods
-Shared Egyptian culture
-shared culture
Why did the Egyptians want granite blocks?
to use to build their temples
How was Kush effected by the Egyptian invasion?
Egyptians destroyed the capital, Napata, new capital, Meroe ...was the center of trade.
Egyptian influence faded away.
How did the relationship between the Egyptians and Nubians change?
Nubians became independent ,
Egyptians invaded for resources,
Kushiey became pharoah.