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land which the United States has set aside for Indians
Cyrus McCormick
the mechanical reaper
long horns
half-wild cattle in Texas
animals marked by hot iron - to show who owns the cattle
Buffalo Bill
Wild Bill Hickok
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show - heroes
Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull
Wild Bill Hickok remembered for
being an Indian scout and a town marshall
1862 the Homestead Act was passed and said
that any family settling in certain areas of the West could receive 160 acres of land
1889 the date the government set for settlers to claim land in Oklahoma has been called
the great Oklahoma Land Rush
James Garfield
20th President of the US
2nd President to be assassinated
is a person who leaves his own country to make his home in another country
People from all over the world have moved to the US and it is called the
Melting Pot
US citizens are not called by their country but by their continent
Charles Finney
lawyer turned great revival preacher
Dwight L. Moody
America's most famous evangelist in 19th century
had been a shoe salesman
Billy Sunday
famous baseball player turned evangelist
Andrew Carnegie
steel industry
John D. Rockefeller
oil industry - company called Standard Oil
Rockefeller was the
1st billionaire in history
Rockefeller gave away over
$550 million
Robert Fulton
steamboat - Clermont
Samuel Morse
telegraph and Morse code
Morse code
communication system that used dots and dashes
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
greatest inventor in history
Edison's inventions
phonograph, light bulb, motion pictures, office machinery
Edison said,
"Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration"
Henry Ford
built cars and developed the assembly line
Jan Ernst Matzeliger
shoe maker
shoe lasting machine
Norbert Rillieux
sugar refining process
Garrett A. Morgan
gas mask
traffic signal
Wilbur and Orville Wright
airplane and flight of powered machine in air
Robert H. Goddard
launched 1st liquid fuel rocket
Samuel Colt
Charles Goodyear
Elias Howe
lock stitch sewing machine
PD Armour
meat packing
George Westinghouse
railroad air brakes
CL Sholes
George Eastman
Kodak box camera
49th state
was called Russian America
50th state
raised pineapple and sugar cane
1 of Spain's last possessions in the New World
Battle ship Maine
sent on peaceful mission
great explosion = most sailors were killed
slogan of Americans wanting to go to war
"Remember the Maine"
Purpose of Spanish American War
to set Cuba free from Spain
Theodore Roosevelt was a part of
the Rough riders
Rough Riders played an important part in
winning the most important battle in the Spanish American War
It was at San Juan Hill
Results of S/A war
Cuba was free
Us received Philippines Guam and Puerto Rico