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1. To establish a political body to represent American interests and challenge British Control

2. They met in Philadelphia

3. September 1774

4. Boycott, repeal the 13 acts of Parliament, and endorsed the Suffolk Resolves.

5. The response was forming Militias.

Continental Congress

1. This is a group of regular people going and becoming soldiers.

2. There is one for every state and is not connected to the US Army.


1. They were a group who of people who boasted that they were ready to fight at a minute notice.

2. They were known for getting together in a Militia at moment notice and being skilled fighters.


1. This man rode on a horse around to the Sons of Liberty and told them that the British were marching to take all firearms or ammo.

2. He was famous for getting everyone together so fast to help fight off the British who are quickly marching to take guns and ammo.

Paul Revere

1. Took place on June 16, 1775

2. Took place on a hill near Lexington and near Breed's Hill.

3. The British were storming the hill and the colonels were low on gunpowder and Prescott proclaimed not to shoot till they saw the white of their eyes and that helped them save gunpowder. Then the British finally took the hill and many British dead.

4. They realized it would not be easy or quick battle.

Bunker Hill

1. They are loyal to the king and are fine with the rule over the colonies.

2. They did not want the independence from Britain so they moved to Canada because it was still ruled by Britain.

3. Loyalist were ok with the taxes and preferred the rule of GB


1. These people were interested in getting away from GB and being their own country.

2. Because GB was taxing them on the thing that they believed that it was their right as a english citizen.

3. Patriots were not ok with the taxes and wanted to break off of Britain own and be on their own.