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Joint Warfare is considered what type of warfare?
Team Warfare
Who has the ability to choose support capabilities from the forces at their disposal?
Joint Force Commander
What does joint doctrine promote?
A common perspective from which to plan, train and conduct military operations.
What is the US military service based on?
Values that the US military experience has proven to be vital for operational success.
What do past demographics of the personnel career field allowed for each base?
A high magnitude of personnel authorizations
The architecture of the base level authorizations was dispersed between what 2 offices?
Military Personnel Flight (MPF) and the Commander Support Staff (CSS)
What was the mission of the MPF?
To provide personnel support to commanders, Air Force members, and their family members. Also to administer Air Force personnel programs in both peacetime and wartime.
Program budget decision (PDB) 720 has introduced the need for what?
An immediately available AF interim solution to enable our reduced numbers of personnel service providers at the base level to deliver quality service that meets our strategic delivery goal.
What did the inclusion of personnelist in the CSS give commanders adn squadron customers?
More direct convenient personnel support
Decreased manning levels and the transforming of personnel workload led personnel career field leader to what decision?
To consolidate the commanders support staff (CSS) into a single organization
How did the transformation of the squadron structure begin?
With a test of different Mission Support Squadron (MSS) configurations and has incorporated the ongoing Services transformation efforts.
What were the 3 reasons for intergrating Manpower, Personnel, and Services?
To reduce overhead, achieve efficiencies, and maximize customer service in response to the new service delivery mode.
What was the goal of the MSS Phase I?
Each MSS organization to be realigned by consolidating 7 flights into 5.
What was the goal of the MSS Phase II?
To further consolidate into 4 flights.
What are the names of the five flights that make up the Force Support Squadron (FSS)?
Force development, Manpower and Personnel, Airman and Family Services, Sustainment Services, and Community Services.
What are the expectations of the FSS?
To perform its mission and provide excellent customer service at home station (in garrison) for remote sites and at one or more deployed locations.
What is the vision of the total Total Force servie Center (TFSC)?
Customer service experts available 24/7 with smart tools delivering high quality customer service.
What si the mission of the Total Force Servic Center (TFSC)?
Leverage technology to execute and integrate personnel operations to support commander, their people, and personnel field activities.
What is our job as personnelists?
To take care of personnel actions related to our customers Air Force (active duty, retirees, dependents, quardsmen and reservist on active duty status)
What section is the focal point for the translation of all military personnel policies and programs into individual actions affecting people.
The Military Personnel Section (MPS)
The MPS was created based on what concept?
The learning organization concept
Define Learning Organization:
An organization where all personnel within the organization can perform the full range of personnel tasks.
What type of support does the CSS provide?
Direct support to the commander at the unit level
The CSS organization structure is established by whom?
The Unit Commander
The CSS serves as a communications line between the commander and what other groups of people?
Between unit members, the CC and between base agancies.
Name 2 personnel activities:
Geographically Separated unit (GSU), and Satellite Personnel Activity (SPA).
Which office is responsible for personnel activities?
What is a geographically seperated unit (GSU)?
A unit that is NOT within one hour driving time (one way) of its servicing MPS.
What is a satellite personnel agency (SPA)?
An extension or operating location of the MPS.
Why is the classification structure designed to do?
To ensure the proper number of people with the proper level of responsibility are assigned at a specific base in order to fulfill the mission at that base.
What is the objective of the military personnel classification system?
To identify duties and tasks for every position needed to accomplish the Air Force mission.
What is the basic grouping of positions requiring similar skills and qualifications?
An Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC)
What is an Air Force Specialthy (AFS) grouped into?
Career field ladders, career field subdivisions, adn career fields to provide for career development
When are individuals awarder an AFSC?
When individuals meet all of the mandatory qualifications of the specialty and have shown skill level qualification in all taks of the positions in which assigned.
What is the Air Forces classification system policy?
To retain Airmen who demonstrate the ability to successfully complete training and whose past record clearly justifies further investment.
Define special duty Identifiers (SDI)
SDI's are characterized as a four or five code and title used to identify manpower positions and persons performing duties not clearly within a specific career field.
Define reporting identifiers (RI)
RI's are characterized as a four or five code and title used to identify positions or persons not identified elsewhere in the classification structure. Normally describes conditions rather than duties.
Define special experience identifiers (SEI)
Established when identifying experience or training as critical to the assignment match, or force management needs, and no other identification is appropriate or available.
Describe the difference between duties and responsibilities:
Duties are the tasks you have to do, responsibilities are the things you do to accomplish the task.
List at least 2 responsibilities for duty number one:
1. conducts interviews to determine individual interest, qualifications, and personnel data.

2. Briefs provision of personnel programs such as assignments, promotions, separations, retirements, benefit programs, retentions, bonuses, classifications, training and retraining, personnel reliability, readiness and career progression.
List at least 2 responsibilities for duty number two:
1. Records information in unit, field, and PDS records

2. Prepares adn maintains personnel records, aeronautical orders, and personnel action request
List at least 2 responsibilities for duty number three:
1. Updates computerized personnel data

2. Conducts in and out processing
List at least 2 responsibilities for duty number four:
1. Administers casualty program

2. Prepares related reports and documents
List at least 2 responsibilities for duty number five:
1. Inspects personnel activities for compliance with policies and directives.

2. Reports discrepencies and recommends correction action
List at least 2 responsibilities for duty number six:
1. Prepare and process administrative support actions relating to unit programs suchas FITprogram, VOP, inprocessing, squadron information, and enlisted and officer professional military education

2. Manages leave web program
List at least 2 responsibilities for duty number seven:
1. Establishes strength accountability
2. Perform casualty reporting prcedures
3. Brief commanders andtheir staff on the PT's duties, capabilities, and responsibilities.
4. Establish reception processing procedures
5. Maintain total Force accountability and strength reporting and provides personnel program advice.
Working together in Joint Warfare constitutes what concept?
Competent joint war fighters must be skilled in thinking about all of the following EXCEPT?

must be skilled in: having joint perspective, applying strategic and operational art, and thinking stategically and optimizing joint capabilities.
Which value DOES NOT have special impact on the conduct of joint operations?

Do have impact: Integrity, Competency, and Physical Courage
Which goal is achieved as the result of effective unified action?
Which term is NOT used in reference to unified action in the military?

Is used: Integration, Coordination, and Synchronization
The secretary of a military department operates that department under all of the EXCEPT?

Operate under: Control, Authority, and direction
The commanders of geographic commands are each assigned a geographic ___?
Which of the following is NOT a functional command?

Unity of command means that all forces operate under
What authorizations were reduced during Program Budget Decisions (PBD) 720 to save money?
Program Budget Decision (PBD) 720 enabled reductions at base level to deliver quality services to meet what delivery goal?
The information technology solution provided to commanders to support their personnel needs is better known as?
Which element is NOT part of the new Military Personnel Section (MPS) structure?

ARE A PART: customer support, career development, force management operartions
Manpower, Personnel, and Services structure were not organized to ___?

BUT DO; reduce overhead, achieve eficiencies, and maximize customer service.
During phase I of Mission Support Squadron testing (MSS), each organization was realigned and consolidated into how many flights?
How many flights comprise the Force Support Squadron (FSS)?
The standardized Force Support Squadron (FSS) structure was comprised of all the following flights EXCEPT

ARE COMPRISED OF; force development, susstainment services, and community services
Within the Personnel Service Deliver (PSD) plan, what group of personnel absorbed some of the work formerly done in the Military Personnel Flight (MPF)?
Before the Total Force Service Center (TFSC), when personnel specialist were asked a question they could NOT answer, they contacted the __
If you are in the rank of E-6 or below and have a question that the TFSC personnel cannot answer, what happens?

Which group is NOT serviced by MPS personnelist?
The MPS was created based on what concept?
The difference between the new concept of the MPS and the old MPF is, rather than assign specific individuals to specific tasks,
Once Program Budget Decision (PBD) 720 hit the ground running, many of the daily operations of the CSS was __
Which personnel action is NOT required to be completed be commander-appointed individuals?

IS REQUIRED: allocation notices, performance feedback notices, enlisted/officer reports
How many personnel activities are there?
TWO (2)
Which office is responsible for the personnel activities?
A unit is considered GSU if it is NOT withing what driviNG time (one way) of its servicing MPS?
Who determines which military personnel responsibilities are performed by Satellite Personnel Activity (SPA)?
When AF population does not warrant a MPS, what authority may request to establish a SPA?
The classification structure was designed to ensure the AF consisted of the proper number of people, with the proper level of what?
The duties and responsibilities of each rank were designed to ensure that each person at each rank had the proper level
Which criteria for career progression is NOT provided by the classification system?

ARE PROVIDED: retention, upgrade, and award
An AFSC is a __
The list of duties and responsibilities for any enlisted specialty can be found in the....
Within the classificaton structure, what identifier is used to identify positions or persons NOT elsewhere identified?
Within the classificaton structure, what identifier is used to identify experience and training NOT otherwise identified in the personnel data system?
Within the classificaton structure, what identifier is used to identify manpower positions and persons performing duties NOT within a specific career field?
An individuals ineligibility to retain the desired secialty code, will be characterized as....
When declared disqualified for reason within control, prior to intiating retraining, what must commanders consider?
Which of the following is NOT an example of disqualification for reasons WITHIN a members control?
What is not a specific duty of the personnelist career field?
Responsibilities of the personnelist does NOT include having to...
What is the goal of the Information Security Program?
To efficiently and effectively protct Air Force information by delegating authority to the lowest levels possible, encouraging and advocating use of risk management principles, focusing on identifying and protecting only that information that requires protection, integrating security procedures into our business processes so they become transparent, and ensuring everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.
Material other than ordinary paper documents must have what markings?
Classification marking according to DOD 5200.1-R
What markings are classified documents required to have?
The overall classification of the document, the agency, office of origin, date of the document, and finally If it is originally classifiedm the document will reference the office.
What five requirements are necessary when handling working papers containing classified information?
Dated when created, marked with highest classification of any info contained in the document and annotate WORKING PAPER, destroyed when no longer needed, protected IAW the assigned classification, and marked in the same manner as a finished document at the same level when transmitted outside the facility or if retained for more than 180 days from the original creation date.
What classified document cover sheets shall be placed on all classified documents not in a secure storage?
Classified docs cover sheets SF 703, SF 704, and SF 705
Who has the authority to grant individuals access to classified information when required for mission essential needs?
Personnel who have authorized possession, knowledge, or control of classified info
Who was a one time verbal attestation directed to first paragraph of the SF-312?
All military and civilian employees with Top secret elegibility or access to a special controlled access category or compartmenedt information.
Name three factors to consider during the risk assesment process for hand carried classified material.
The environment in which the material will be hand carried, the sensitivity of the info, and the availability of authorized facilities for storing the classified during overnight layovers at the TDY location.
Within how many days must the sender trace unacknowledged receipts?
Within 30 days for material sent within the CONUS, and 45 days for material sent outside of the COUS
Who do you talk to in order to educate yourself on the proper procedures for transporting COMSEC information and material?
Supporting COMSEC manager
Why are laptops a high risk?
They have high commercial value.
When using laptops to hand carry classified information, what must couriers take into consideration?
They must make sure both laptop and disks are prepared properly.
When we talk about proper customer service techniques we are talking about what?
Effective communication techniques
Every task accomplished by a personnel speacialist has a direct effect on what?
Another individuals career.
What should you always do when referring customers to another office or organization?
Always call ahead to make sure they are capable of assisting your customer.
What is the first thing you notice when meeting someone?
Their appearance
What is considered a good way to give a positive first impression?
Take the extra time to ensure your military appearance is above reproach.
what is considered the stepping stone to succeed as a personnel journeyman?
A positive attitude
To effectively communicate, what talent must be developed?
What do the set by AFI 33-332, Air Force Privacy Act program address?
Collecting, Safeguarding, maintaining, using, accessing, amending, and disseminating personal data kept in systems of records
Provisions of the Privacy Act Program allow the Air Force to perform what act to personnel information?
Collect, maintain, use, or disclose
What constitutes an official system of record?
Authorized by law or executive order, needed to carry out an Air Force mission or function, and published in the federal register.
Before you can release personal info to third parties, what must you do first?
Make sure such release is authorized, consider the consequences, and check the informations accuracy
What guidelines must you follow when deciding whether to release information?
Would the subject have reasonable expectation of privacy in the info requested? Would disclosing the information benefit the general public? Balance the puplic interest against the individuals probalble loss of privacy. DO NOT consider the requesters purpose, circumstances, or proposed use.
What system allows each service member to access their personnel record electronically?
Automated Records Management System (ARMS)
Who automatically receives access to the Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA) system?
Senior Raters, Wing CC's, Group CC's, Squadron CC's, Squadron Section CC's, Command Chief Master Seargents (CCM's), First shirts, Raters (civilian and military), and individual members.
What is the purpose of the military record system?
Maintain personnel documents to protect the legal and financial rights of the gov and the individual and to record the history of the persons service, to support personnel managers, commanders, and supervisors as they manage AF personnel, maintain docs to support the MILPDS, adn to provide procedures for managing records.
What does a military record consist of?
Electronic personnel record group, Officer command selection record group or airman command record group, the master personnel record group, and officer selection board,.
In what system must user identity be established and authenticated?
Air Force portal (AFP), AFPC secure and virtual personnel services center (vPSC)
Define the three ways a user may acquire a role in Virtual Personnel Services Center (vPSC).
system: Grants the role to the user at login based upon info specific to the user derived from the data in MILPDS, the defense civilian personnel sata base (DCPDS), and the Air force promotions system (AFPROMS).

Assigned: An administrator grants the role to the user.

Associated: Another user grants the role to the user.
Define three ways a user may acquire jurisdiction within role based access (RBA).
System: the jurisdiction is determined by the system

Assigned: the jurisdiction is defined by a RBA admin

Associated: the jurisdiction of the role that was granted.
United State documents that contain foreign government information are marked on the__
Front cover or first page
The first marking in the subject line of an E-mail will be the overall classification of the E mail. Which symbol is NOT used for this action?
(TS) for top secret
When classified documents are removed from secured storage, they are kept under constant surveillance, which standard form (SF) cover sheets shall be placed on all documents?
SF 703 704, and 705
A one time verbal attestation for all lilitary and civillians with top secret eligibility or access to a specially controlled access category or compartment is given under the authority of which office?
The secretary of Defense
When a person refuses to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) for access to classified information, the Commander (or equivalent) or staff chief does all of the following EXCEPT__
Grant temp acess to classified info until the form is signed.

They do: initiate a security incident report, deny the person access to classified info, and initiate action to establish a security information file (SEF)
Personnel requiring access to secure rooms containing classified info can enter
with the appropriate securtiy clearance and a need to know for the classified information
why is it important to consider your environment when hand carrying sensitive material?
The material may get confiscated
When curiers are transporting laptops and disks containing classified info they must
keep laptops and disks under constant surveillance or in secure facilities
when transporting laptops or disks curiers must do all of the followign EXCEPT
completely erase laptops and disks before transporting

They must however: password protect laptops, mark laptops and disks in accordace with DOD 5200.1-R (Info Security program), and keep laptops and disks containing classifeid info under constant surveillance.
Documentation is NOT authorized for hand carrying classified material to activities
Within the installation
As a personnelist your main job is to?
provide customer service
The first thing you notice when meeting someone is their appearance, so it is important to maintain a professional appearance
At all times as well
which communication skill is considerd to be the MOST neglected?
In respect to the privacy act DOD policy allows individuals to do all the following EXCEPT
individuals unwarranted access to other peoples record.

- correct or amend records, give access to a copy of all or any portion of their record, protect people from unwarranted invasion of their personal privacy
release of personal info to third parties is appropriate whn the subject __
agrees in writing
What information does NOT require written consent from he subject before being released?
Basic Pay info
Written consent is required for release of what information?
when balancing the public interest against the individuals probable loss of privacy, all are considered factors to not consider EXCEPT
Date of request

Are factors: circumstances, proposed use, and purpose
what system was designed to consolidate military personnel record processing efforts?
which is NOT a reason for consolidation effort of military record for single system?
Reduce customer inquires

Are a reason: reduce manpower cost, improve customer service, and efficiency
within the electronic record processing system, what app is considered and electronic viewer containing role based access (RBA)
Personnel records display app (PRDA) is considered an application module of what system?
virtual personnel services center (vPSC)
which personnel records display app (PRDA) does NOT require the establishment and authentication of the users identity?
Role based access (RBA) provides a means to name and describe relationships between individuals and rights, which means does NOT ALLOW a user a role of access>
custodians are required to amke the officer commad selection record group (OCSRGp) for most of the AF (LAF) officer in the grade of captain after how many years of active commissioned service?