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What is Maven?

-a tool for buliding software systems

What are the four main features of Maven?

-convention over configuration

-a common interface

-reuse through plugins

-conceptual model of a project

Explain the diagram of Maven

What are the phases of the default (build) lifecycle?

How are goals provided?

by plugins

Does each phase need to be bound to a goal?

no - 0 goals is possible

Will all preceeding phases be run if one phase is singled out?


What are the phases of the clean lifecycle?

pre-clean/ clean/ post-clean

What is the purpose of the clean phase?

deleting the output of a build by deleting the build (target) directory

When there is a dependency conflict, how are version numbers used to determine which version of a library?

closest to the root of the dependency tree is selected (with default algorithm)

What HTTP method corresponds to query?


e.g. GET /parolees ? startIndex = 0 & size = 5


What HTTP method corresponds to create?

POST /parolees




What is a typical create response from the server?

HTTP/1.1 201 Created


What is the HTTP method for update?

PUT /parolees/233


Content-type: application/xml


What is the typical response to a PUT request?

HTTP:/1.1 204 No Content

What is the verb used for delete?

DELETE /parolees/233


What is the typical repsonse to a DELTE request?

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content

What are the two types of processing for JAX-RS?

Per-request processing

Singleton processing

What is per-request processing?

- each incoming request involves creating a service instance whose lifetime is the duration of the request.

What is singleton processing?

One and only one service handles all incoming HTTP requests. THe instance stores all application state, and must be thread-safe.

How is deployment conducted?



returns service classes

What is the war value, where should it be placed?

It is the goal executed in package phase.

When a war value is used, the package phase is bound to the war plugin's war goal and creates a WAR file.

What are the stages in the test?

test (no tests exectued)


pre-integration test (start up embedded servlet)

integration test

post-integration test (stop the embedded servlet container)

What is the name for a class with @Path?

root resource

What is the value of a root's resource @Path annotation?

a relative URI (relative to servlet container's base URI)

Can @Path be used at the method level?


If @Path is used at the method level, what is the URI matching pattern?

A catenation of the class' @Path expression and that methods

How should wildcards be handled?

{} template parameter @Path("{id}"}

Can you use templates with regular expressions?

yes e.g. @Path("id :.+}")

How are ambiguities resolves in pattern matching?

1. sort by number of literal characters in full matching pattern

2. sort by the number of template expressions they embed

3. sort patterns by the number of template parameters that are defined by regular expressions

How is the final parameter referenced?


What is a MatrixParam?


How should html form input be handled?


How should cookees be handled?


Does JAX-RS include automatic type conversion?