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Vitamin K - blood clotting

Copper - (micro mineral)

Iron - hemoglobin (micro mineral)

Potassium - maintains body fluid balance

Salt (Sodium chloride) - cell wall transport

Vitamin A

Phosphorus - energy reaction in cells

Iodine - metabolism (micro mineral)

Zinc - metabolism (micro mineral)

Calcium & Phosphorus - milk production

Vitamin E - reduces off-flavors in milk, reduces incidence and severity of mastitis

Calcium - muscle contraction

Magnesium & Potassium - muscle function

Sulfur - required by rumen microbes for fiber digestion

Calcium - skeletal formation and strength

Phosphorus -skeletal formation and strength

Magnesium - co-factor bone formation

Copper - (micro mineral)

Manganese - (micro mineral)

Vitamin D - - skeletal formation and strength

Phosphorus - strong teeth

Vitamin D - strong teeth

Potassium - maintains balance in body fluids

Salt (sodium chloride) - helps transport material across cell walls

Magnesium - nerve function

Selenium - immune functions (micro mineral)

Vitamin E - stimulates and maintains a good immune system

Vitamin E - reproductive performance